Case Studies

Case Studies


ETP has over 30 years of retail domain expertise that is reflected through our case studies showcasing some of our successful project implementations for large and mid-sized retail organizations across Asia-Pacific, India and the Middle East.

Take a look at our case studies, which offer you the opportunity to learn more about ETP V5 and the comprehensive range of omni-channel retail software solutions and services that can help you to enhance customer experience, increase same store sales, optimize costs through improved margins, as well as enable and support your IT strategy in premise or on the cloud.

Case studies aL iKhsan

Sports Goods

Leading Sports Goods retailer in Malaysia

ETP provides quick, efficient and secure business solution implementation

Case Study PRI

Sports Goods

Leading Sports Goods retailer in Indonesia

ETP provides a scalable solution and platform with the ability to capture CRM data to better understand and serve customers.


Health and Beauty

Leading Health and Beauty retailer in Asia-Pacific

ETP  enables the leading health and beauty retailer to offer their customers a seamless omni-channel experience.

Case Studies Salt n Pepper

Fashion apparel

 One of the leading local brands operating in the Indonesian fashion sector

ETP Omni-channel Retail Solutions enable business process integration by handling all processes from procurement through to retail.

Case Studies Intermedia

Books and Stationery

Indonesia’s leading bookstores

ETP improves the customer experience due to easy to use, efficient POS module and fast, effective Promotion and Campaign management, defined at Head Office and executed at Store level.


Bose Corporation

High-end Speciality Electronics

World’s most respected sound technology corporation

ETP helps to improve customer service levels with its enhanced POS solution integrated with enterprise CRM and enables complete control over all retail operations.

Case studies IKEA

Home Improvement

Leading building materials and home supplies supermarket retailer in Indonesia

ETP Store solution integrates with the ERP system, warehouse processes, supply chain and finance departments to provide end-to-end visibility and quick access to stock and sales information, to manage high volume of traffic at the stores, to define and execute promotions real-time and to enable users to create reports as per their requirement.

Case studies DLF Brands Ltd

Luxury and Lifestyle

India’s top fashion retail group

ETP delivers a common point of sale (POS) and customer relationship management (CRM) system across all brands to enrich the in-store customer experience and optimize business performance with tight control on back-end processes.

Case studies GUESS in The Phillippines

Apparel, Footwear and Accessories

Global apparel and accessories brand

ETP introduces a fully integrated ERP and retail system that helps ensure smooth execution of the business operations and processes, optimizing them to further achieve the enterprise goals and objectives.

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