Logistics Management

Logistics Management


One interface to manage all your logistics and enable smooth deliveries

Optimise your logistics processes with ETP Unify’s Logistics Integration module, streamlining operations through seamless connections with chosen logistics providers such as DHL, FedEx, and Ninjavan. This integration extends to downloading essential logistics documents like invoices, shipping manifests, and shipping labels.

Integrate with your logistics providers to enable smooth deliveries

ETP Unify is pre-integrated with over 60 different shipping carriers across multiple continents. It also allows the creation of non-integrated shipping carriers to ensure a smooth transition between your node and consumer.

Pick, pack, ship, and update with ease

Pick, pack, label, and ship your orders across channels from a single platform. As soon as your products are packed and ready, the logistics provider gets intimated of the upcoming delivery.

Managing manifests and shipping labels effortlessly

Shipping labels and manifests can be downloaded from ETP Unify for any order without having to go to the carrier or the channel to retrieve it manually.

Track multiple order shipping easily and effectively

Enable real-time updates on the status of orders, from pick to pack to ship. Track multiple orders, from multiple marketplaces, being delivered by multiple carriers, at the same time to ensure timely delivery of your products at all times.

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