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Mobile Applications


Leverage mobile POS technology to improve store productivity

Delight customers by serving them anywhere in the store – by looking up inventory, item, price, and customer information with ETP Unify’s Mobile POS solution. The ETP Unify Mobile Store is a complete billing, retail mobility solution available for deployment on iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets as an app.

The ETP Unify Mobile Store helps you to assist customers with registering them in your CRM program, enabling them to earn and burn loyalty points instantaneously, and looking up stocks easily. It helps to reduce queues by creating invoices for the customers as they wait for checkout, and even put away items on a hold bill. This keeps your customers meaningfully engaged and delighted by the in-store brand experience. The ETP Unify Mobile POS software seamlessly integrates with the other ETP Unified Commerce retail solutions to ensure information accuracy across all sales channels. The retail invoice can be printed with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or it can be sent via email using the customer’s email address. ETP Unify Mobile Store is one of the best mobile POS (mPOS) software developed to facilitate a superlative brand experience.

Turn Store Associates into more Efficient Employees

Equipped with the ETP Unify Mobile Store, your store associates turn into seller experts who have all the information in their hands. Empowered with this access to a unified database of customer and product information, they may move around the stores offering shoppers personalised guidance on product availability and assisting them to make faster and more effective purchase decisions.

One Version of Truth

With the cloud-based Mobile POS solution, brands also get real-time visibility of their complete inventory movement across all channels. Your store staff can now check any product and data to answer your customers’ questions on the spot. They can also extend the Endless Aisle feature to customers making in-store services faster, the sales revenue greater, and the business better.

Increases sales by reducing the checkout lines

Most customers don’t like to wait in a long queue at checkout. The ETP Unify Mobile POS can be used as a queue busting solution to speed up checkouts during rush hours and preserve sales that could be lost due to long lines.

Support multiple payment types

Sellers want effortless methods of payment. Mobile POS technology accepts cash, debit, credit, loyalty cards, and more. If you have so many options to receive payments, the checkout process at your stores will be a breeze.

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