Unified Promotions Management

Unified Promotions Management


Easily deploy and centrally manage unified promotions

The ETP Unified Commerce Retail Software has a Promotion Management solution – which is developed to help retailers plan, execute, and monitor retail marketing promotions and deploy them quickly across online and offline channels. It is designed with a powerful business rule engine that allows you to visualise a promotion across merchandise, channel, location, time and customer dimensions.

ETP Unify Accelerator is equipped with an intuitive dashboard that enables retailers to stay abreast of the customer response to their promotions against various goals and targets set for each promotion, then tweak their retail marketing promotions as well as easily reactivate previously successful promotions. Merchants and stores can view their various marketing promotions across various periods in a daily, weekly and monthly calendar format using the in-built promotions calendar allowing them to further sync their promotions with the brand’s social media network. The ETP Unify Promotion Management also enables you to save promotions and their performance for various seasons or events, review them the next season or event, and redeploy them after tweaking them. ETP Unify Accelerator helps you create a knowledge based promotions strategy.

Versatility in Promotions

Tailor and deploy complex, customer-centric promotions with ease to increase loyalty and conversion. Whether you’re running basic discount offers or orchestrating advanced, cross-channel campaigns, ETP Unify’s Unified Promotions Management ensures flexibility and efficiency.

Multi-Channel Synchronisation

Extend your promotional reach across diverse channels seamlessly. ETP Unify synchronises promotions, supporting percentage-based discounts, amount-based discounts, and free item promotions. Maintain control by reserving stock exclusively for promotions. Use Promotion Management to get higher inventory turn by promoting-out ageing inventory.

Advanced Promotions Capabilities

Dive into a world of advanced promotions designed for various events during billing or ordering. Set conditions based on products, customers, locations, time, and inventory attributes. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with ETP Unify’s detailed and customizable promotion features.

Checkout Enhancements

Elevate the checkout experience with promotions that encourage additional purchases. ETP Unify offers a sophisticated array of options, including Buy & Get Discounts, Cross Promotions, and Time-Based Promotions. Tailor promotions based on customer behaviour, time of purchase, and more.

Promotion Performance Dashboards

Use the promotion testing feature to fully understand how your promotions will work in the real world. After deployment, measure the impact and success of your promotions using the promotion performance dashboard.

Campaign Management Excellence

Launch strategic promotion campaigns with ETP Unify’s comprehensive campaign management. Define campaigns with target values, quantities, and budgets. Seamlessly add existing promotions to ongoing campaigns, enhancing your promotional strategy.

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