Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


Revolutionise Retail with AI-driven Actionable Insights and Innovations for Unified Commerce Success

ETP Unify features AI-based Product Recommendations, enhancing the customer experience during checkout. Utilising a Matrix Factorization Algorithm, these suggestions are founded on various interactions considering both product attributes and customer demographics. Upon selecting a customer, the model provides personalised product recommendations based on the customer’s purchase history and refines its suggestion as more items are added to the cart. These recommendations are visually presented on a dual screen for the customer to select and the cashier to add them seamlessly to the billing screen, streamlining the checkout process and facilitating upselling opportunities.

ETP Unify’s AI-driven Order Management enhances e-commerce efficiency and security, swiftly identifying and isolating potentially fraudulent orders. The proprietary Machine Learning algorithm predicts anomalies, considering various order attributes, assigning a confidence score for informed decisions. This real-time detection optimises inventory for genuine orders, reducing risks and maintaining operational efficiency. The AI model continually learns from new orders, ensuring accurate predictions and efficient order processing.

  • Halt order anomalies in their tracks with early detection
  • Identify, isolate, and manage orders with irregularities in real-time, optimising inventory utilisation
  • Monitor anomalies across various order attributes like channel, product, quantity, discount, payment, and delivery mode instantly
  • Assess real-time e-commerce risk levels with our AI Score

Ongoing research and development in AI technologies will uncover additional opportunities for innovation, transforming the landscape of ETP’s Unified Commerce Retail Software.

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