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ETP has built over 1800 person years of retail knowledge, working with retailers from various fashion and lifestyle segments. Whether you are looking for big-picture ideas or tactical applications of proven retail strategies, let ETP’s more than 30 years of domain expertise in the retail space and thought leadership guide you to a total business transformation and growth. ETP white papers provide deep insights and practical advice for Getting It Right In Retail.

Understanding Omni-channel Retail

Create a consistent, coordinated customer experience across all retail channels

mPOS Technology

User-friendly solutions that enhance your in-store experience

Omni-channel Fulfilment

The challenges and recommendations for retailers


Build Or Buy Whitepaper

Build or Buy

Is it better to custom build software or buy an off-the-shelf packaged software product?


Getting the right product

Getting the right product at the right time to the right place in the right quantities

Enhance customer experience and get across channels by reorganizing your business and IT systems.

Omni-channel Customer Experience Whitepaper

Omni-channel Retail and Customer Experience

Create the right customer experience across multiple channels that compels your
customers to buy again and more.

Omni-channel Promotion Planning whitepaper

Omni-channel Promotion Planning and Execution

Proactive omni-channel promotion planning with seamless execution across the enterprise.


Retail CRM whitepaper

Retail CRM

Empower and expand customer relationships with meaningful engagement and optimized offerings.


Maximizing retail sales by implementing an omni-channel strategy

Maximizing retail sales by implementing an omni-channel strategy


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