Channel Performance Analytics


Improve sales, margins and inventory productivity across channels

ETP Omni-channel Analytics is a retail business intelligence (BI) solution with powerful pre-configured, retail specific set of KPIs providing a 360° view of business processes for executives to analyze varied information, accrued daily. The solution methodology is based on global best practices for the omni-channel retail business model. It provides actionable insights about customer behavior across multiple retail channels, Merchandise Performance, Location Performance and Channel Performance across various buckets of time. ETP Omni-channel Analytics is integrated with the ETP V5 data warehouse and gives retailers real-time access to data about stores, sales, customers, employees, inventory, merchandising, and more. This robust analytical engine obtains the necessary retail business intelligence that helps increase foot-falls, improve margins, volume size and supports business functions like promotions and pricelist optimization, demand forecasting, product assortment and customer segmentation.


ETP V5 Omni-channel Retail Solutions comprising omni-channel POS software, Mobility (mobile POS), CRM software, Marketing and Promotion Campaigns, Order Management & Supply Chain Management, Omni-channel Analytics and Omni-channel Connect provide you with features such as Click and Collect, Click and Deliver, Endless Aisle, a holistic view of the inventory, and a single view of the customer enabling you to deliver a unified brand-customer relationship across all channels. This is done using real-time integration of ETP’s POS solution, CRM solution and Promotions engine with webstores and marketplaces using ETP Connect’s secured web services framework, which has the ability to see and manage order flows.

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