ETP Cloud POS & Retail Operations

ETP Cloud POS & Retail Operations


Enable a unified customer experience across channels with ETP Unify Store

The ETP Unify Cloud POS ensures a seamless shopping experience for your customers and a delightful user experience for retail associates. Our intuitive ETP Unified Commerce POS software, integrated with an in-transaction CRM system, creates a comprehensive customer view, covering registration, billing,orders, returns, promotions, and loyalty management. Fast, reliable, and easy to learn, our retail POS software transforms your point of sale into a point-of-delight for both customers and store staff.

With improved brand visibility and sustained engagement, our solution facilitates easy access to products and offers cross/up-selling promotions, steadily increasing revenue per customer. Features like click and collect, endless aisle, and easy omni-channel returns and exchanges further enhance the shopping experience.

Conduct transactions effortlessly with ETP Unify’s POS module, enhancing the customer experience with features like cash & carry sales, promotions, and dual displays for engaging customers. Geofencing ensures secure POS access within the store premises, and Shift Management supports various currencies for opening cash at the start of each shift. These features highlight the user-friendly nature of ETP Unify’s POS module, promoting efficiency and a delightful shopping experience for both customers and store staff.

You get what you see

With the display of product images and price on the Customer Dual Display screen, give your customers full transparency of the transaction at the point of sale.

Optimise Retail Operations

Ensure accurate reconciliation of sales, collection, and inventory in stores as well as monitor and control the shrinkage in the stores to optimise your working capital management.

Customer-Centric Billing

Select customers during billing to calculate pricing and promotions. Engage customers with dual-screen features, mobile number input, wishlist visibility, and recommended products.

Efficient Product Addition

Streamlined methods like barcode/QR code scans, product searches, wish lists, abandoned carts, and AI-based recommendations. Handle product details like Batch Expiry, Best Before, Consignment Products, Coupons, and non-inventory items efficiently.


Leverage clienteling for insights into customer behaviour, loyalty, and feedback. AI-based product recommendations enhance upselling opportunities with accurate suggestions visible on dual screens.

Sales with Exchange

Simplify sales and returns across channels with a single transaction. Efficiently handle returns against a specific invoice, facilitating easy exchanges without separate credit notes.

Omni-channel Order Management

Incorporate seamless order creation into the billing process. Cashiers can place orders with full or partial payment, set delivery modes, and provide pickup or delivery options, fully enabled click & collect and Click & Deliver.

Endless Aisle

Strategically integrate online and in-store inventory, allowing customers to access and purchase a retailer’s complete product catalog regardless of physical store limitations, enhancing choice and availability.

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