OmniChannel POS Software

Omni-channel POS Software


Provide a superior omni-channel retail experience by connecting your online & in-store channels

Omni-channel is defined as an all channels sales approach that provides customers with a unified online-to-offline (O2O) shopping experience. This means that back-end operations and customer-facing services are streamlined and synced with one another. By implementing a robust omni-channel retail solution, your customers can connect with your store,, and all marketplace shopping platforms seamlessly. With ETP Omni-channel POS solution, everything from your inventory to your sales orders and customers is connected under one, centrally located system. So, as your customers shop with freedom through all your various platforms, your entire database – customer information, preferences, products, etc. – will be updated automatically in real-time.

The ETP Omni-channel POS software is integrated with an in-transaction CRM solution which creates a single view of the customer right from registration to billing to customer specific promotions to loyalty management. It is fast, reliable, easy to learn and use with touch-screen technology – making ETP Store a retail POS software that turns your Point of Sale into a point-of-delight for both your customers and your store staff. ETP Omni-channel Store POs is a platform independent, robust and flexible retail software, capable of high volume transactions that can fit within various corporate environments thus leveraging your company’s existing IT infrastructure and lowering your operational costs. It is Payment Card Industry Payment Application Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS) certified so you can ensure data security of your customers’ payment information.


The solution offers features like click and collect, endless aisle, and easy omni-channel returns/exchanges. Customers can purchase products online and pick them up at their preferred store outlets, they can order products not available in stores and have them shipped directly, and they can also return a product at the store or have it collected from the desired location, irrespective of the channel of purchase. Using the omni-channel retail CRM software, customer-based promotions can be developed, tracked, and modified while capturing valuable customer feedback.

The intuitive omni-channel POS solution ensures improved brand visibility, sustained engagement, easy access to products, and cross/up-selling promotions to increase the revenue per customer steadily. The ETP Omni-channel POS solution also does quick and detailed billing, cash management, reports, gift vouchers, audit trails and can run online as well as in offline mode. The CRM solution through the POS software helps the store staff to quickly lookup customers and add or update details bolstering the central CRM database further.

Shopping in today’s world is all about accessibility, which is why having an omnichannel retail solution is imperative for retailers to utilise. With the exponential rise in online shopping, having all your bases covered is a great way to attract more customers who may all shop in different ways.

ETP V5 Omni-channel Retail Solutions comprising omni-channel POS software, Mobility (mobile POS), CRM software, Marketing and Promotion Campaigns, Order Management & Supply Chain Management, Omni-channel Analytics, and Omni-channel Connect provide you with features such as Click and Collect, Click and Deliver, Endless Aisle, a holistic view of the inventory, and a single view of the customer enabling you to deliver a unified brand-customer relationship across all channels. This is done using real-time integration of ETP’s POS solution, CRM solution, and Promotions engine with web stores and marketplaces using ETP Connect’s secured web services framework, which has the ability to see and manage order flows.


ETP V5 is an enterprise-class Omni-channel Retail Solution that seamlessly integrates point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty management, merchandise and inventory management, assortment and OTB planning, marketing, and promotions planning, and business intelligence (BI). The ETP Omni-channel retail software allows the scalability required for business growth. ETP V5 can be deployed comprehensively or modularly, in-premise or on the cloud, across multiple platforms, channels, and system environments.

ETP V5 POS software has an offline mode that will continue to work, even during server downtime. When the connection re-establishes, the data from the offline transactions are uploaded to the memory for use in transaction details and reports.

ETP Omni-channel Store Solution enables true integration between the business back-end operations, supply and demand channels.

The ETP V5 is flexible enough to integrate with a wide range of payment systems electronically, including all the well-known credit cards, debit cards, cash cards, PayPal, online payment systems (online wallets), and mobile payment systems (mobile wallets). ETP V5 is (PA-DSS)/(PCI SSC) compliance certified.

ETP V5 is a proven Omni-channel Retail Software that serves market leaders in 24 countries across the Asia Pacific, India and the Middle East regions and across various industries such as Apparel, Sports Goods, Health & Beauty, Electronics, Furniture & Home Furnishings, Books & Stationery, Footwear, Luggage & Handbags, Jewelry, Timepieces and many more.

The ETP Integrator is designed to integrate ETP V5 seamlessly with any ERP, Finance, HR, Manufacturing, and other applications, services, or databases. Leveraging on XML and J2EE technologies, ETP Integrator is platform and format-independent and has an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface for smooth system integration. With this flexibility, almost any solution component of the ETP V5 retail solutions can be deployed independently and integrated with existing systems. Designed to handle large data volumes, it is made for retailers who need to scale up their business. It can be implemented in parallel across multiple instances to cater to any volume of data integration. This allows you to decide on the level of collaboration and helps you maximize existing investments. It has been successfully implemented with various enterprise applications handling up to 7.1 million transactions a day.


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