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The product and service ranges in the Building Materials and DIY/Home Improvement retail are complex and comprehensive. Attention to minute details and major changes is important with proactive scalability. A holistic view of the inventory and real-time stock management across categories and warehouses is imperative to ensure timely, omni-channel order fulfilment. We at ETP engineer excellence and quality through our software, so you can build trust and exceptional value for your customers while offering them a delightful shopping experience.

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  • Manage multiple pricelists based on geographical locations
  • Manage single products, packs or variants based on product sub-components as well as a number of product characteristics like color, size, style, height, width, length, & more, and assign them easily with different price lists
  • Manage alternate UOM based on pricing and promotions
  • Manage credit (AR) customers easily in the case of bulk purchases by corporates, and apply surcharges in case of return of certain item types based on a validity period
  • Enable timely information of customer buying history, customers’ average spend per visit, brand/category preferences to facilitate cross-selling/up-selling and increase conversions on footfalls
Building Materials and DIY 1
  • Seamless integration with ERP systems for better back-end operation and for maximizing sales and inventory
  • Seamless integration with CRM for Loyalty & Gift Vouchers management
  • Integrated solution of ERP & E-commerce platform for single management and upgraded user experience through Omni-channel
  • Manage different customer types like Diplomat, Sr. Citizen, PWD, etc.
  • Seamless integration with Transportation system for online order delivery
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