ETP at NRCE 2023 as Platinum Sponsor

ETP at NRCE 2023 as Platinum Sponsor


Organized by the Philippines Retailers Association (PRA) and held at the SMX Convention Centre, Metro Manila on 10-11 August 2023, NRCE was the largest gathering of retail leaders, shopping centre developers, and retail service providers in the Philippines. It brought together top industry professionals, experts, and service providers in the region to discuss the latest trends and technological innovations needed for a sustained retail success in the post-pandemic era. The event also provided opportunities for large-scale networking, learning, and collaboration in a lively manner.

At NRCE 2023, Mr. Neev Ahuja, Director – Strategic Initiatives, ETP Group spoke about ‘Unified Commerce in a Divided World’. The world today is closer than it has ever been before with technology and travel allowing us to be where we need to be in seconds, minutes, hours. However, with political polarisation, economic divides, international conflict, rapid AI advancement, the environmental crisis and the pandemic, we are simultaneously drifting further away. Keeping up with the times and catering to your omnipresent customer in today’s day and age is crucial, not just to survive, but to thrive. Let’s explore how we can achieve that unified experience for your customer despite the challenges this divided world presents us with.

Team ETP interacted with leading retailers in the region at the grand ETP Pavilion and discussed how innovation in retail technology can help them achieve business success. Visitors also got a chance to view a live demo of ETP V5 and Ordazzle – two outstanding, enterprise-class products powered by ETP Group – that help retail brands in elevating their retail and ecommerce performance on their Journey to Creating Amazing Customer Experiences!

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