Case Studies

Case Studies


ETP has over 30 years of retail domain expertise that is reflected through our case studies showcasing some of our successful project implementations for large and mid-sized retail organizations across Asia-Pacific, India and the Middle East.

Take a look at our case studies, which offer you the opportunity to learn more about ETP V5 and the comprehensive range of omni-channel retail software solutions and services that can help you to enhance customer experience, increase same store sales, optimize costs through improved margins, as well as enable and support your IT strategy in premise or on the cloud.

PT Trikomsel Oke Tbk

Telecommunications, Multimedia Devices and Accessories

Indonesia’s biggest telecommunication retailer

ETP delivers a future-ready integrated and scalable software suite to effectively manage the complexity of current and projected national operations and to aid strategic and responsive decision-making with real-time data access across different store formats.


Apparel and Lifestyle

Leading value retail brand for fashion and home ware across the Middle East and Asia

ETP solution enables complete control and visibility of inventory to optimize the buying process. ETP implements supply chain management and demand management solution in an integrated manner to help seamless servicing of the customers across regions and different cultural dynamics in the Middle East. The solution also includes desktop based reporting which empowers the senior management to take timely business decisions.

Rustan's Group

Lifestyle and Luxury

Leading luxury retail group in the Philippines

ETP integrates existing retail, loyalty program and ERP systems with ETP CRM which optimizes business operations by offering a personalized shopping experience.

Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

Leading mobile internet devices company in India

ETP enables “hub and spoke” model of inventory control and replenishment for high value SKU’s and improves service levels with intuitive CRM fuelling in-store and promotional interactions.

Lifestyle and Luxury | Omni channel Retail Management

Lifestyle and Luxury

Leading specialty retailer in the Philippines

ETP integrates existing retail, loyalty program and ERP systems with ETP CRM which provides a customer centric platform for creating optimal customer relationships.

Sanjay Bhattacharjee

Timepieces, Fashion Accessories and Lifestyle

Global timepieces company

ETP introduces a high business value culture through innovation and global best practices, improves service levels with centralized control of schemes and promotions and eases opening new stores.

Titan CRM Solution Implementation

Timepieces, Fashion Accessories and Lifestyle

Global timepieces company: CRM Implementation

ETP delivers an integrated loyalty program across the business with one redeeming platform to instantly gratify customers thus creating a customer-centric culture and improving the brand experience. ETP also enables to introduce environment friendly ‘green’ initiative with electronic sales invoices.

Valiram Group

Fashion and Timepieces (Luxury Lifestyle brands)

No.1 luxury lifestyle group in Southeast Asia

ETP delivers a proven, integrated and scalable software suite to effectively manage the increasing complexity of current and future regional operations, gain timely, accurate insights into the sales information across the widespread retail network, tracking all stock movements and cash flow at a detailed level from a single source and create an integrated information base in one shared system, enabling strategic and responsive decision making.

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