Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management


Enable a unified customer management experience across stores, webstores and marketplaces

The CRM module in ETP Unify empowers retailers with effective customer management offering tools for segmentation, engagement, and privacy-compliant data handling across diverse channels and touchpoints. It is integrated with the ETP Unified Commerce Retail Software and it connects the business back-end operations with the supply and demand channels. This ensures the customer can peruse, pick, purchase, like, promote, review, search, seek information and provide feedback from anywhere at any time.

Using ETP’s Unified Customer Management software, channel-based promotions can be developed, tracked and modified while capturing valuable customer feedback. Customers are delighted with personalised offers and empowered with multiple retail channels, modes of payment and delivery options which further aid sales frequency. The ETP Unify Retail CRM solution integrated with the ETP Unified POS solution ensures improved brand visibility, sustained engagement, easy access to products and cross/up-selling promotions to increase the revenue per customer steadily.

Centrally manage all your customer data

Information fed through any channel is instantly updated in the CRM and easily reflected for viewing and editing in the other channels.

Customer Data Protection Policy

Ensures data protection compliance with OTP consent for registration, encryption of customer identifier data, delisting with anonymisation, access controls, and printing of Privacy Policy web URL on invoices.

Easily manage loyalty programs across channels

Delight customers with instant loyalty registration and loyalty rewards with ETP Unify’s in-POS CRM. Loyalty Management enables you to define loyalty schemes that are specific to a group of items/customers/stores or are common across the chain of stores or channels. A loyalty scheme definition can be common as long as the local currency of all relevant stores is the same.

Instantly reward customer loyalty across channels

In today’s world of instant gratification, customers will not wait to earn and burn their loyalty points. The in-POS earn and burn feature enables your customers to instantly register and accumulate loyalty points acquired through both their online as well as offline (in-store) purchases. They can then redeem these points in real-time (in the same purchase transaction) for shopping across all channels, thus enhancing their shopping experience.

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