Smart Order Management

Smart Order Management


Streamline workflows and inventory in real-time across channels and meet all your SLAs

The Smart Order Management module streamlines the entire lifecycle of online orders, from acceptance to delivery, encompassing order receiving, routing, and processing, as well as handling cancellations and returns.

Order Receiving Rules

Users can establish rules tailored to the company and channel, deciding whether to hold or pass orders based on various criteria such as delivery mode, payment mode, order value, postal code, order status, fulfilment mode, product catalog, category, brands, tags, product codes, and customer details. Held orders can be either cancelled or passed to allocation by the Administrator.

Smart Order Routing

Users can define rules for order allocation considering factors like distance from the customer, stock levels, node priority, ownership, and revenue share. Additional conditions include reallocation after order rejection, multiple node allocation, and automatic allocation of held orders based on stock availability changes.

Order Processing

This section covers the entire order processing workflow, from order acceptance and rejection to picking, packing, labelling, and shipping. Users can manage order exceptions, collaborate on orders, and handle cancellations. The process includes features like automatic stock allocation, picking list generation, manifest creation, and status updates for shipped, cancelled, or rejected orders.

Order Returns

The system facilitates the handling of order returns, allowing users to plan for reverse logistics, perform quality checks, and approve or reject returns. Stock adjustments are automatically managed by the system.

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