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Delight Customers and Drive Profitable Growth

The ETP Omni-channel Store Solution provides seamless integration across all customer touch points. It enables brands to interface with personalized physical and digital retail channels that help to engage better with and create extraordinary value for both the retailer and the end consumers. ETP Omni-channel Store Solution enables true integration between the business back-end operations, supply and demand channels. This ensures the customer can peruse, pick, purchase, like, promote, review, search, seek information and provide feedback from anywhere at any time.

ETP Omni-channel Store Solutions offers retailers the following benefits:

  • list-1Click and collect: Customers can purchase products online and pick them up at their preferred store
  • list-2Easy returns: Customers can return products at the store or have it collected from the desired location, irrespective of the channel of purchase
  • list-3Customer feedback: Receive actionable feedback from customers to measure and improve store productivity
  • list-4Channel-based promotions: Develop, track, modify relevant promotions for different retail channels
  • ShopOMS engine: To help decide which is the best store to service the customer’s order
  • list-6Endless aisle: Order products not available in stores and have them shipped directly
  • list-7360° customer view: Access customer information across all ETP modules including ETP Store and ETP Mobile Store, brand kiosks, social media and online stores
  • list-8Build loyalty: Seamless visibility and control of loyalty programs across all customer touch-points

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