Marketplaces & e-Commerce Integrations

Marketplaces & e-Commerce Integrations


A single interface to manage your marketplaces & webstores

ETP Unify’s Marketplace Integration module streamlines interactions with major marketplaces and webstores, enhancing efficiency in managing transactions, orders, and product information across diverse e-commerce channels. It simplifies the process of selling online across multiple marketplaces or webstores by enabling you to have a complete view of orders, inventory, products, promotions, and SLAs across your online channels on a single platform in real-time.

ETP Unify offers pre-configured integrations to multiple marketplaces and webstores across various countries on a single platform to help you drive efficiency in fulfilling orders and reducing time and efforts to grow your online business. Comprehensive APIs have been built into ETP Unify’s online channel management module, creating smooth interfaces with different marketplaces like Amazon, Lazada, Zalora, Shopee, BliBli, Tokopedia, as well as webstores like Magento and Shopify.

Manage your marketplaces and webstores in one place

ETP Unify combines orders from all marketplaces and webstores on to a single interface, giving clear visibility of SLAs across all channels. Effortlessly update product prices on multiple sales channels at once with one interface.
Pre-built integrations allow you to promote and sell your products on every channel that matters.

Consolidate inventory information from all channels

ETP Unify enables you to track product inventory across all e-commerce channels. It helps maintain a real-time view of the product availability, which can be updated in just a few clicks.

Single source of truth for product and price listings

ETP Unify takes away the inefficiency and pain of manually creating, maintaining, and updating product listings on multiple platforms. Products, stocks, prices, and orders created in ETP Unify are synced in real-time with the integrated channels.

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