Top Benefits of mPOS Technology

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    Top Benefits of mPOS Technology

    Awesome Benefits of our Mobile POS Solution to help you create amazing customer experiences:

    The ETP Mobile Store helps you to assist customers with registering in your CRM program, give them information about their loyalty points, lookup stock, reduce queues by creating invoices for the customers as they wait for checkout, and even put away items on a hold bill. This keeps your customers meaningfully engaged and delighted by the in-store brand experience.

    • Quickly register customers into your CRM program and allow them to earn loyalty points immediately
    • Eliminate lost sales with Endless Aisle item search
    • Service customers where they are in the store, rather than making them queue and crowd at the till
    • Ensure safe distancing in-store during quick and anywhere checkout
    • Improve salesperson productivity with easy customer and inventory lookup functionality
    • Track begin and end of shift for the mobile counter

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