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More than 500 brands
in 24 countries,
across 10 time-zones,
in 200+ cities,
run on ETP

We selected ETP because of its market presence, product and domain knowledge. The selection was also easy since some of our competitors in the other parts of the world had already chosen ETP. They helped us overcome our internal challenges and accommodated very well to our requirements. As an enterprise, we are in the long haul with ETP as our partner in success and growth.

Leading Retailer in Indonesia

Research Development Advisor

ETP has delivered on our very demanding requirements and the proof of the same is the complete satisfaction of the internal business customers. True to its name, ETP has been our strategic partner for retail technology with a good mix of products.

Leading Lifestyle Retailer in The Philippines


With ETP, we have a partner who not just understands technology but also our overall business. That really adds value for us! As a CIO, they made my life simple by bringing all the top process functions and best practices. They understood our requirements so well that their solution needs no customization till date, just some add-ons. They are highly responsible and responsive in delivery and I immensely enjoy working with them.

Leading Lifestyle Retailer in Malaysia


ETP has been our partner since the last seven years and we have seen their incredible market and domain knowledge with a dedicated and committed team. Their solutions worked very well within our enterprise and our franchise operations. I think our choice of ETP as our retail technology partner has been on the mark and we shall be strengthening our partnership and rolling out more modules that they have on board.

Leading Apparel Retail Brand


It has continued to be an excellent journey with ETP. They not just took care of our retail pain points but also gave us a lot of value additions. We are truly impressed! They have helped us deliver excellent customer service and are definitely the preferred partners in our growth story.

Leading Electronics Retailer

Finance Manager

ETP has been the partner in progress for us since the last seven years. They have solved our problems and also given us the opportunity to co-create the solutions that are unique to us. They are extremely sensitive to our requirements and we feel that ETP is part of us and we are a part of ETP. I think that sums it all up.

Leading Timepieces Retailer in India

Operation Head (Watches)

ETP has always been very committed to solve any problems and any challenges that we, as an enterprise, face. They have helped us to grow our retail business tremendously. So ETP is a strategic partner for us and we are looking forward to have an even better relationship and cooperation with ETP in the future.

Leading Mobile Phone Retailer in Indonesia


For us, it was not just the products of ETP but also the people behind them, the kind of commitment and ability which they possess is rarely seen in any other company. A lot of times we have seen their team go beyond existing requirements and make modifications and changes that are very demanding. Their ability to provide promised results in such difficult circumstances has been great. They ensured scalability in all their modules, securing future business demands.

Leading jewelry retailer in India


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Our Solutions

Every year over 100,000 retail associates use ETP Systems to serve 200,000,000 consumers, selling USD 18,000,000,000 of merchandise

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Ordazzle — redefining the e‑commerce experience

Streamline workflows. Eliminate errors. Improve visibility. Scale your e-commerce operations and grow your online retail business like never before.
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Omni-channel POS Solution

The ETP omni-channel retail POS software ensures improved brand visibility, sustained engagement, easy access to products and cross/up-selling promotions to increase the revenue per customer steadily. The ETP Omni-channel POS solution also does quick and detailed billing, cash management, reports, gift vouchers, audit trails and can run in online as well as in offline mode. The CRM solution through the POS software helps the store staff to quickly lookup customers and add or update details bolstering the central CRM database further.



ETP Group is a leading Unified Commerce Software company, with a 36 year track record of delivering enterprise class retail technology solutions. Market leading retailers in Asia Pacific use ETP across hundreds of thousands of employees, over 500 brands and across 24 countries.

ETP’s comprehensive AI powered solution suites, ETP Unify and Ordazzle, encompass a broad spectrum of e-commerce and retail functionality, from POS, CRM, OMS, PIM, Unified Inventory to Unified promotions, Logistics management and seamless integration with marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. ETP’s Unified Commerce Retail Platforms creates a frictionless and consistent shopping experience for consumers across all channels, wherever, whenever, and however they choose to shop.

ETP’s strength lies in its ability to provide robust and innovative retail solutions built with the most scalable and secure technology, MACH architecture and beautiful UI design. ETP’s “asset-light” solutions minimise IT administrative costs, enabling businesses to focus on growth and strategic initiatives.

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