Unified Inventory Management

Unified Inventory Management


Ensure 100% fulfilment and have One Version of Truth across all touchpoints

With ETP Unify’s Unified Inventory Management module, monitor your inventory in real-time to ensure the right products are available at the right place and at the right time. The UIM module provides a consolidated view of inventory across all channels and products, allowing users to customise views based on attributes like brand, product catalog, and tags. It offers the users visibility into various stock metrics along with the ability to download relevant information. Maintain a unified view of inventory of all products across all nodes, stores and warehouses to minimise revenue losses due to stock shortages.

It helps you manage and control the different inventory processes carried out inside stores both for retail sales and online sales. The Stock Transfer function enables you to manage inter-store stock transfers, warehouse to store stock transfer, store to warehouse transfers and direct to store deliveries. The Stock Take function enables you to perform stock take for a group of items at a time i.e., product-wise stock take. This reduces the stock take lead time for updating the physical count of the store inventory. The module also provides for creating indents for sending inventory requests to warehouses. You can also perform dispatches and stock issues for items with no inventory balance at the store.

With smart order routing capabilities, supported by a unified view of inventory availability across multiple locations, ETP Unify helps you to automatically allocate or distribute inventory across different nodes to better serve your consumers. ETP Unify enables you to establish inventory reorder rules at the SKU level and create product bundles and multipack listings for promotions, which are automatically disabled when the offers expire.

Unify inventory data across multiple nodes, stores and warehouses

ETP Unify consolidates stock data in real-time from across multiple fulfilment centres – distribution centres, warehouses, and stores. Centralised inventory management eases stock allocation and order fulfilment. With the inventory lookup function in ETP Unify, you can reduce lost sales for the stock available in the back-of-the-house storage.

Unified inventory real-time sync across physical stores, marketplaces and webstores

Ensure your inventory data across channels is accurate and updated so that you can fulfil all orders and satisfy your customers. Especially when you are running promotions, your stock levels can be managed effectively for maximum turn. With ETP Unify Store’s real-time inventory sync across channels, you can ensure higher sales, greater order fulfilment percentage, and a higher inventory turnaround.

Reduce Costs for a Better Cash Flow Management

Lower your inventory obsolescence and markdowns through better inventory utilisation using FIFO.
Reduce the need for more warehousing space by managing fulfilment from your store back offices by using them as regional warehouses.

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