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Time it right with your customers

The timepieces retail market caters to wide-ranging demand that varies with time according to the customers’ lifestyle. It is a dynamic space and requires equal agility from retail operations to in-store experience management. ETP Omni-channel Retail Solutions ensure you enhance customer experience and value aspirations.

Time Pieces
  • Capture additional attributes such dial size and strap material
  • Avoid fake inventory by tracking barcodes/serial nos. as well as  warranty cards
  • Track customer buying behavior to enable cross-selling/up-selling across categories/brands/accessories of interest
  • Facilitate easy co-ordination with vendors and inventory tracking
  • Manage product, price and promotions across multiple retail channels
Time Pieces
  • Enable in-store mobility with a secure Mobile POS to service customers or setup small store formats
  • Capture shop-in-shop sales for daily sales analysis and regular replenishments based on sell-throughs
  • Use ‘endless isle’ function to service orders based on nearby stores’ inventory and reduce lost sales
  • Have a single customer ID across all retail channels for registered customers and enable unified loyalty management
  • Fulfill online/e-commerce orders from store inventory and allow for any store returns for both in-store and online purchases
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