How Does Mobile POS (mPOS) make the Modern Retailer’s Life Easy


ETP Blog - How Does Mobile POS (mPOS) make the Modern Retailer’s Life Easy

The grueling responsibility of running a retail business efficiently can be made manageable by using a robust and dynamic Mobile POS (MPOS) system. Mobile POS solutions allow retailers and merchants to access POS functionalities on iOS or Android devices. These solutions turn any smartphone, tablet, or wireless device into a powerful, modern-day system that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic POS terminal wirelessly. The correct MPOS system will also help you keep track of sales and customer information, boost employee productivity, and offer a seamless customer experience and service. A capable mPOS system can help retailers in taking their brand or company to the next level in the near future.

A Mobile POS system, also known as a Mobility Retail Solution, works on a tablet or handheld device that is either iOS or Android enabled. It is cloud-based, which means that all the data captured by the device is automatically backed up and saved online. Its advantages in terms of customer service (queue busting, ensuring safe distancing in the stores) and the speed with which it records data and monitors transactions can just not be ignored any longer. Most significantly, it aids in comprehending complex data, allowing business owners to solve issues and tailor their strategies for long-term success.

This blog will help you understand how mobile POS systems can make a retailer’s life easier.

Inventory management

Terrible inventory management is without a doubt bad for retail businesses. After all, it is your stock that attracts customers to your store. With inventory issues across stores and across channels such as stock out and pilferage becoming all too typical these days, it’s clear that retailers need to improve their inventory tracking and management system.

During peak sales periods such as the festive season especially, it is common to see empty shelves and frustrated shoppers. Store staff is unable to replenish the stock on the shelves in time and that leads to unfulfilled sales which leaves the shoppers unsatisfied as they feel they made a wasted trip down to the store. With the endless aisle feature, stores are no longer limited by their shelf space. With the Endless Aisle Item Search functionality, you can easily list your entire inventory across stores and at warehouses online in a single screen and empower your store staff to offer suggestions to in-store shoppers for goods that are not on the shelves and allow them to choose from the entire inventory available.

You can thus monitor your transactions against your existing stocks without breaking a sweat using an MPOS system. This real-time accounting provides you with a realistic picture of the status of your inventory. And, because your MPOS can manage and sort goods by categories, tags, and serial numbers, you can track supply fluctuations and determine which ones need to be replaced.

Provide great customer experience

When it comes to providing an outstanding customer experience, cloud-based mobile point of sale gives your associates more time with their customers. It makes them happy by removing the difficulties they experience when dealing with technology that doesn’t work or isn’t doing its job effectively.

Your employees will give superior service, and your customers will be able to check out on the spot using a mobile point of sale. Your store staff can scan the merchandise anywhere in-store, hold the bill if needed, offer line discounts during the checkout process, and collect the payment to enable queue busting at the store. This improves customer satisfaction, which leads to increased and/or repeat sales. You’ll be able to provide that desired shopping experience by providing your efficient employees with great tools.

Better Analytics Leads to Better Decisions

This is where some of MPOS’s most outstanding features come into play. MPOS includes a robust reporting system that can provide you with real-time or near-real-time sales data. You may usually filter by date, product ID, customer, and other factors in addition to just totaling transactions. These tools allow you to delve deep into your data to determine what is selling and what isn’t, and how to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Digital Receipts

Your customers now expect digital receipts in addition to contactless payments. They are seen as safer, more reliable, and more convenient once again. Offering digital receipts is a highly successful technique to acquire your consumers’ email addresses, adding to your marketing database.


Following are 4 main reasons to upgrade to a mobile POS (mPOS) solution:

  1. mPOS solutions are time-saving: They are easy to set up and can be used anywhere along with requiring minimal counter space.
  2. Optimized and Secure checkouts: Intelligent mPOS solutions offer integrations with various payment gateways and loyalty programs, encouraging clients to manage and use their rewards or loyalty points during future purchases.
  3. Cloud integration is standard on mPOS systems as it reduces the requirement for on-site data storage by business owners.
  4. With an mPOS, sales associates can service consumers quickly, reducing queues and turnaround times. By providing prompt and courteous service to customers, has boosted sales and interactions.


A fast and secure mPOS solution such as the ETP Mobile Store solution allows you to handle all of the above and more from a single screen. Furthermore, when running your business from the cloud, it’s simple to adapt services and extend capabilities as your company expands and your customers’ needs change. Mobile point-of-sale systems provide a well-organized, quick, and anywhere checkout, allowing store staff to handle clients swiftly. A robust Retail Mobile POS solution also enables a variety of contactless payment choices.

ETP’s Mobile POS solution seamlessly integrates and offers user-friendly experiences. It can also help you scale your business, be more responsive to customer requests, and forecast your revenue. Its unique value proposition is its ability to continuously offer enterprise-grade Omni-channel retail solutions to its clients while also forging decade-long strategic collaborations and partnerships.

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