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Proven across more than 35,000 retail touch points in the Asia Pacific, India, and the Middle East, the All-in-1 ETP Retail POS software – ETP Store, has been favoured by market leaders from fashion and lifestyle retail segments for more than 30 years. It can be implemented across multiple countries, currencies, tax structures and time zones. More than 500 brands in 24 countries, in 200+ cities, across 10 times-zones, run on ETP.

The ETP Retail POS software is integrated with an in-transaction CRM system which creates a single view of the customer right from registration to billing to customer specific promotions to loyalty management. It is fast, reliable, and easy to learn and use with touch-screen technology – making ETP Store, a retail POS software that turns your point of sale into a point-of-delight for both your customers and your store staff.

Get One Version of Truth of Your Inventory

ETP Store offers an inventory management module that helps you manage and control the different inventory processes carried out inside stores both for retail sales and online sales. It reduces the stock take lead time for updating physical count of the store inventory allowing you to manage stock transfers, local purchases & quick productwise stock take at the store level while also offering you the following business benefits:

  • Ensure higher sales and greater order fulfillment % by having real-time inventory sync across all your channels
  • Match your promotions with your inventory leading to higher inventory turns and lower cash requirement
  • Ensure loss prevention by monitoring and controlling shrinkage and pilferage at the stores
  • Reduce lost sales by looking up inventory available in the warehouse or at your other nearby stores
  • Lower your inventory obsolescence and markdowns through better inventory utilisation using FIFO
  • Reduce the need of more warehousing space by managing fulfilment from your store back offices by using them as regional warehouses
  • Increase the number of replenishments at the stores leading to a higher fill rate in the warehouse and in turn, optimisation of your working capital

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