ETP International Creates Buzz at Launch of ETP V5.2, an End-to-End Retail Solution at Images Fashion Forum 2006 in India


ETP International Creates Buzz at Launch of ETP V5.2, an End-to-End Retail Solution at Images Fashion Forum 2006 in India

As India’s economy opens up and picks up momentum with an 8% GDP growth, the retailing scene in India has seen a huge surge in numbers, both in retail outlets and consumer purchase power. This is especially evident in the fashion retail industry in India which has grown by leaps and bounds. Rising to meet the need for a platform for India’s fashion retailing industry’s heavy hitters and newcomers to interact and to learn from the leading fashion retailers, Images Multimedia staged the Images Fashion Forum 2006 in Mumbai, India from 24-25 February 2006. ETP International participated as an exhibitor in the conference cum exhibition and proudly announced the launch of its end-to-end retail solution ETP V5.2 which garnered enthusiastic responses from the conference delegates and visitors.

The 2-day event drew an impressive turnout of more than 1,100 delegates for the conference and exhibition. Expert panel sessions and presentations from the heavy hitters in the fashion industry, a comprehensive exhibition showcasing the best of retail real estate, technology and systems, together with a lavish extravaganza of evening entertainment on both days served to leave each delegate with an unforgettable experience. Traffic to the ETP International booth was brisk and more than 170 retailers had a chance to experience the benefits of the ETP retail solution.

ETP International Creates Buzz at Launch of ETP V5.2, an End-to-End Retail Solution at Images Fashion Forum 2006 in India1

“We are seeing a tremendous amount of interest for solutions specifically built for the retail industry. The encouraging signs are there that India’s organized retail is growing. The fact that emerging players and even newcomers are recognizing the need to have the right management tools and world-class technology to bring them to the next level of growth is evidence that we are in the right market,” says Naresh Ahuja, Managing Director of ETP International.

Following the successful launch of ETP V5.2 in RITE 2005 in September in Singapore, and now in India, ETP INTERNATIONAL plans to step up on its marketing efforts in India as well as to launch the solution for the Middle East market in the second quarter of the year. Optimistic of the growth in the India retail industry, the company will leverage on its competitive advantages in location, industry understanding and pricing to establish a foothold in the local retail industry.

About ETP V5

The ETP V5 covers all the key functionalities required by retail and distribution companies. The integrated solution provides retailers and distributors the power to monitor and refine business strategies in response to the business dynamics instantly, effecting these changes in operations seamlessly without affecting day-to-day operations. The components within ETP V5 can be used comprehensively or selectively to provide an end-to-end integrated solution for retailers and distributors.

The components within ETP V5 are:

  • ETP Store
  • ETP Accelerator
  • ETP Merchandise Planner
  • ETP Analytics
  • ETP Online
  • ETP Call Centre
  • ETP Supply Chain
  • ETP Integrator
About ETP International Pte Ltd
ETP International is an enterprise software company focused on enabling retailers to run their business proactively using the cutting-edge ETP V5 Retail Solution. Founded in 1988 ETP has its International HQ in Singapore, R&D centre in Mumbai and a network of partners in over 20 countries, selling, implementing and supporting ETP solutions. ETP’s three digit growth is driven by the wide acceptance of its flagship product ETP V5 by leading retailers. ETP V5 is a 4th generation solution designed to help retailers move from a push based business model to a push-pull based business model, making them more proactive in planning, execution, analysis and decision making. It is seamlessly integrated through POS, CRM, Online Sales, Call Centre Sales, Merchandise Planning, Promotions Planning, Procurement, Distribution, Warehousing and Analytics. Developed with reliability, scalability and globalisation in mind, ETP V5 is capable of handling multiple languages, time zones, currencies, taxes, company and group structures, 20 users to 1000’s of users, various hardware platforms and operating systems and can be implemented comprehensively or modularly.
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