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The Business Intelligence Solution that helps you make smarter, effective and timely decisions
ETP Analytics
ETP Analytics is a Retail Business Intelligence solution with powerful pre-configured, retail specific set of KPIs providing a view across different business intelligence areas for executives to analyze diverse bits of information, accumulated daily. With over 1,000 man-years of retail and distribution consulting experience, we understand your need to streamline and analyze information and make business decisions, whether at strategic or operational level. This best-in-class Retail Analytics application is integrated with the ETP V5 data warehouse and gives you real-time access to information and insights related to your stores, sales, customers, inventory, employees, merchandising, etc. ETP Analytics utilizes information gathered from ETP V5 as well as draws information from other databases and legacy systems through ETP Integrator. The retail business analytics can be accessed from your office or on the web, providing an overview of different functional areas and generates management reports. The analytical cubes track key retail functions and strategies and flag warnings should any fall short of targets. This allows for instant decisions to stop, revise or improve on plans. Its robust analytical engine obtains the necessary retail business intelligence that helps increase foot-falls, improve margins, volume, size and supports business functions like promotions and pricelist optimization, demand forecasting, product assortment and customer segmentation.

ETP V5 - Component Architecture

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