Maximizing Your Jewelry Retail Business


Maximizing Your Jewelry Retail Business

The lion’s share of the jewelry market revenue is attributed to China, followed closely by the United States and India. In 2022, the total global jewelry market was valued at approximately 270 billion U.S. dollars and is forecast to increase by more than 30 billion U.S. dollars to 307 billion dollars by 2026.

Jewelry retailers can grab a share of this massive growth by adopting the right retail software solutions. ETP V5 Retail Software has been enabling retailers just like you in elevating retail performance to facilitate cross-selling/up-selling and increase conversions on footfalls.

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  • Increase sales during festivities by creating targeted promotions at category/sub category or even at SKU level and exercise control over pricing
  • Enhance customer experience by providing quality service and offering a seamless omni-channel shopping experience
  • Provide visibility of sales and inventory across channels to replenish at SKU level
  • Manage product, price and promotions across multiple retail channels
  • Fulfill online/e-commerce orders from store inventory and allow for any store returns for both, in-store and online purchases
  • Manage merchandise, time, location and customer hierarchies for planning category-wise and location based promotions
  • Avoid lost sales by providing ‘endless aisle’ capability in-store to service customers better
  • Enable in-store mobility with a secure Mobile POS to service customers faster and also perform queue bursting
  • Manage inventory at SKU level as well as track sales, inventory and delivery for smooth flow of products, especially for high value products
  • Track each individual piece based on a serial number and capture additional attributes such weight, carats and material
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