How to Keep Time in the Booming Watch Market for a Successful Future


How to Keep Time in the Booming Watch Market for a Successful Future

Revenue in the Watches segment (timepieces) amounts to US$66.07bn in 2022. The market is projected to grow annually by 6.90% (CAGR 2022-2026). In 2022, 44% of sales in the Watches segment will be attributable to Luxury wrist watch segment. In global comparison, Asia Pacific is the fast growing market for timepieces.

Several lifestyle retailers in Asia Pacific, India and the Middle East have been adopting ETP Omni-channel Retail Software Solutions for efficiently running their timepieces business due to the specific and relevant benefits that ETP offers to the timepieces vertical.

Learn how ETP is doing this:

Business Benefits:

  • Capture additional attributes such dial size and strap material
  • Avoid fake inventory by tracking barcodes/serial nos. as well as warranty cards
  • Track customer buying behavior to enable cross-selling/up-selling across categories/brands/accessories of interest
  • Facilitate easy co-ordination with vendors and inventory tracking
  • Manage product, price and promotions across multiple retail channels
  • Enable in-store mobility with a secure Mobile POS to service customers or setup small store formats
  • Capture shop-in-shop sales for daily sales analysis and regular replenishments based on sell-throughs
  • Use ‘endless isle’ function to service orders based on nearby stores’ inventory and reduce lost sales
  • Have a single customer ID across all retail channels for registered customers and enable unified loyalty management
  • Fulfill online/e-commerce orders from store inventory and allow for any store returns for both in-store and online purchases
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