ETP Unified Commerce Retail Platform: Today’s Solution for Tomorrow’s Thriving Retail Businesses

The retail industry is constantly evolving, and both customers and businesses are facing unique challenges in today’s landscape. From long lines and limited selection in brick-and-mortar stores to complex online navigation and data privacy concerns, navigating the world of retail can feel like a maze. 

 Customers navigate crowded aisles, limited selections, and the ever-present question: “Is this the best price?” Businesses must balance maintaining a physical presence with the convenience and competition of online shopping, all while building customer loyalty in a saturated market: “Is there a way forward that benefits everyone? How can retailers overcome such a challenge?

Introducing Unified Commerce Retail Software by ETP, a cloud-native and AI-powered SAAS platform, can create a smoother, more satisfying shopping experience for everyone. 

So what is ETP’s Unify? The key to success in the modern retail world is to put your customers’s experiences first. ETP Unify is a tool that helps you do just that. It gives your retail business the power to center everything around your customers’ needs and desires. 

To dive deeper into ETP’s retail software, first, let us give you a brief overview of unified commerce and why it is so important for retailers.

What is unified commerce?

Unified Commerce refers to a retail business model that integrates both offline and online channels to create a unified platform that provides a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints. In more simple terms, imagine shopping seamlessly between your phone, laptop, and favorite store. That’s the magic of unified commerce! It’s like having everything in one shopping basket but for your entire shopping journey. So no more wondering if that jacket you saw online is in stock at the store.

Plus, everything is stored in one giant filing cabinet (one central database). This means no more duplicate information and constantly updating stuff. It’s like having a single source of truth, giving you, the shopper, and the store a clear picture of your purchases and interactions. Pretty cool, right?

How does this benefit retailers? Well, retailers can manage their operations more efficiently. The aim is to break down the silos between different channels, creating a unified retail environment. 

We have explored what exactly is ETP Unify and why it is important for retailers. But how exactly does it translate to exceptional customer service? Let’s delve into the specific features of the ETP Unified Commerce Platform and see how they revolutionize the way you interact with your customers.

A Feature Powerhouse for Seamless Retail & e-Commerce Operations

Here’s how ETP Unified Commerce Retail Software helps retailers create amazing customer experiences.

Unified Product Information: 

Effortlessly Manage & Publish Products Across Channels 

Forget the hassle of logging into every single online seller platform! ETP Unify’s PIM system streamlines product management across all your channels. Just upload your product information once, and it gets distributed everywhere you sell. Update prices, stock levels, images, and promotions easily—all in one central location.

  • Search, filter, and manage products better with custom tags
  • Drive multichannel promotions and price offers with ease
  • Consolidate and automate your digital media assets
  • Manage your product masters and catalogs in one place

Unified Inventory Management System: 

Ensure 100% Fulfilment & One Version of Truth 

Say goodbye to inventory headaches! ETP’s Unified Commerce Platform gives you a single, clear view of everything you have in stock across all your sales channels. No more scrambling to find the right product. The Unified Inventory Management System keeps everything organized so you can ensure you have the right items available at the right place and time, every time.

  • Unified data across multiple nodes, stores, and warehouses
  • Real-time sync across physical stores, marketplaces, and webstores
  • Reduced cost for better cash flow management

Artificial Intelligence:

AI-driven Actionable Insights & Innovations for Unified Commerce Success

ETP Unify helps customers discover new favorites at checkout with AI-powered product recommendations, considering factors like product features and customer demographics. Cashiers can easily add these recommended items to the bill, boosting sales and keeping customers happy. Moreover, its AI-driven Order Management System prevents fraudulent purchases before they happen by analyzing various order details and identifying suspicious orders in real-time with machine learning. It helps retailers streamline their operations and protect their inventories.

  • Halt order anomalies in their tracks with early detection
  • Identify, isolate, and manage orders with irregularities in real-time
  • Monitor anomalies instantly across various order attributes like channel, product, quantity, discount, payment, etc
  • Assess real-time e-Commerce risk levels with our AI Score

Smart Order Management System:

Streamline workflows and inventory in real-time across channels

ETP Unify’s Smart Order Management System takes the complexity out of online orders. From the moment a customer clicks “buy” to the package arriving at their door, everything is handled smoothly. This includes receiving orders, routing them efficiently, and processing them quickly. Need to cancel or return something? No problem; the system handles that too. So you can focus on what matters most: running your business and keeping your customers happy.

  • Order receiving rules for whether to hold or pass orders based on various criteria 
  • Smart order routing for allocating orders as per factors like node priority, stock levels, & more
  • Order processing, from order acceptance & rejection to picking, packing, labeling, and shipping
  • Order returns to plan for reverse logistics, perform quality checks, and approve or reject returns


6 Ways ETP Unified Commerce Empowers Retailers to Thrive in a Competitive Landscape


Enhanced Customer Experience for Increased Customer Loyalty

Shop Anywhere, Anytime!

No matter how you shop, ETP Unify makes it a breeze. Browse online and pick up in-store, or find something amazing in-store and complete your purchase seamlessly online. This effortless experience across all channels enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty toward your brand.


Real-time Visibility of Inventory for Higher Inventory Turnaround

Say Goodbye to Stockouts!

The ETP Unified Commerce Retail Platform gives you the power of real-time inventory tracking across all your channels. No more worrying about outdated stock levels! This means you can always see exactly what’s available, reducing the risk of selling items you don’t have and leaving customers disappointed. The result? Improved in-store service, faster order fulfillment, fewer backorders, and happier customers all around.


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Improved Profitability 

Double Your Profits!

Want your customer to add more items to their cart? The answer is ETP Unified Commerce Retail Platform! Its real-time smart AI engine recommends the perfect products to customers across all channels, leading to more items added to carts and higher overall sales. Moreover, the built-in AI also detects suspicious orders in real time, preventing fraudulent purchases and protecting your profits. This powerful combination of AI features helps retailers like you maximize sales and minimize losses, leading to a significant boost in profitability.


Powerful Order Fulfillment for Superior Customer Service

Unlock Faster Fulfillment!

Imagine fulfilling orders across multiple channels with the ease of just one! The ETP Unified Commerce Retail Platform provides a single, unified view of your inventory and orders, streamlining the entire process. The result? 

  • Reduced Shipping Costs: Say goodbye to wasted resources! ETP Unify helps you choose the most efficient shipping options.
  • Lightning-Fast Processing: Orders fly out the door with ETP Unify’s efficient processing. No more keeping customers waiting.
  • Happy Customers, Guaranteed: ETP Unify helps you meet and exceed customer expectations for fast, accurate deliveries.


Centralized Information Management for Higher Employee Productivity 

Break Down Information Silos!

The ETP Unified Commerce Retail Platform puts an end to scattered information! Customer details, product data, sales orders, promotions—everything is stored in one central location, accessible to everyone in your organization. This means smoother operations, accurate decisions every time, faster action in spotting trends, etc. Eventually, it helps your entire organization work together seamlessly, leading to better results all around.


Unprecedented Scalability to Support Your Growth

Grow Fearlessly!

This cloud-based system effortlessly adapts to your changing needs, whether you’re expanding into new markets, adding brands, or experiencing a surge in sales. Plus, updates and new features are rolled out seamlessly, so you can focus on running your business without interruptions. The ETP Unified Commerce Platform gives you the flexibility you need to scale up your success hassle-free.


The Winning Formula: Delighting Customers and Driving Retail Innovation

Let us summarize the ETP Unified Commerce Retail Platform for you. With its focus on centralized information, real-time data, AI-powered automation, effortless product management, and inventory management, ETP’s Unify equips you to meet the evolving needs of your customers and stay ahead of the competition.

So why wait? Take control of your retail future with ETP Unify today. Its scalable design ensures it grows alongside your business, while its seamless updates keep you on the cutting edge of technology.

Empower your team, streamline your operations, and unlock new levels of customer satisfaction. Choose ETP Unify, the unified commerce platform built for tomorrow’s thriving retail businesses.


Want to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction? Click here for a free ETP Unified Commerce Retail Platform demo!

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