The Future of Retail is Here: Why Retailers Should Switch to ETP’s Unified Commerce Platform


The Future of Retail is Here: Why Retailers Should Switch to ETP’s Unified Commerce Platform

Imagine this: a customer meticulously curates a cart full of clothes online, only to vanish before checkout. You’ve seen it a hundred times—the dreaded abandoned cart.

A recent study by the Baymard Institute found that a whopping 70.19% of online shopping carts are abandoned before purchase. This is just one symptom of the challenges plaguing modern retail. Fierce competition, ever-evolving customer expectations, and the ever-present threat of online giants all contribute to a retail landscape that can feel like a rollercoaster ride. But all is not lost, fellow retailers!

Here’s where the ETP’s Unified Commerce comes to your rescue.

In this blog series, we’ll be exploring how ETP’s powerful cloud-native platform, the Unified Commerce Platform, brings the best of retail and e-commerce functionality to the user in one, easy-to-use and beautiful interface, helping create an amazing experience for consumers. And why retailers should switch to ETP’s Unified Commerce.

But first, let’s dive briefly into whether ETP’s unified commerce platform has the potential to revolutionize retail.

ETP’s Unified Commerce Platform: A Retail Game Changer

ETP Unified Commerce Retail Software is an enterprise-class, scalable, and secure cloud-native, AI-powered SAAS platform. Built using MACH architecture, it’s easy to use, and has a beautiful interface that stores all information in one database, enabling retail merchants and managers to have all the information and tools at their fingertips to serve customers across channels.

One of the key differences between unified commerce solutions and omnichannel retail solutions is that unified commerce unifies, orchestrates, and provides seamless experiences across channels. Whereas, the main goal of omni-channel retail is to give customers an overall experience that gives them an accurate view of all products across all platforms.

In other words, unified commerce is a strategy that centralizes the data you’ve collected about customers and products on a single platform. These platforms can interconnect systems of e-commerce, mobile commerce, customer relationship management, order management systems, omnichannel order fulfilment, analytics, and more to help provide insights into how to improve the customer experience. 

What is the goal, you ask? The goal of unified commerce is to promote personalized shopping experiences that meet consumer expectations. It is necessary to align all the sales channels to offer the same information that the customer expects, ensure there is a constant flow of information being shared, and reduce data silos on a given channel. 

How would retailers benefit from the Unified Commerce Retail Platform?

  • Real-time inventory visibility: Always know what’s in stock, online and in-store, for a smooth shopping experience.
  • Enhanced point-of-sale systems: Offer faster checkouts, easier delivery options, and gather valuable customer data – all at once.
  • Automatic payments and reduced integration hassles: Simplify the checkout process with effortless integrations and automatic payments.

This unified approach saves time, improves customer satisfaction, and gives you a clearer view of your entire retail business.

Why retailers should switch to ETP’s newly launched Unified Commerce Retail Platform?

Enhances Customer Experience:

ETP Unify makes shopping an easy task, no matter how your customers shop.

They can browse online and pick up their finds in-store, or find something they like in-store and complete their purchase seamlessly online. This frictionless shopping experience will keep your customers happy and make them come back to you, increasing brand loyalty.

Get Real-time Visibility of Your Inventory:

The ETP Unified Commerce Retail Platform enables you to track your inventory in real-time. You can ditch your outdated stock levels and gain complete transparency into what’s available online and in-store. Eliminates the risk of overselling and ensures you can always fulfill customer orders promptly. The benefits go beyond just inventory control. Real-time data translates to faster in-store service, reduced backorders, and ultimately, happier customers.

Increase Profitability with Artificial Intelligence:

Here, the ETP Unified Commerce Retail Platform steps in with its intelligent AI engine. This real-time system curates personalized product recommendations for your customers across all channels, seamlessly suggesting complementary items and boosting cart value. But that’s not all! The built-in AI also acts as a vigilant fraud watchguard, detecting suspicious orders in real-time to prevent financial losses. This powerful one-two punch of sales acceleration and fraud prevention empowers retailers to maximize revenue and minimize risk, leading to a significant boost in profitability.

Powerful Order Fulfilment:

Imagine fulfilling orders across your online store, physical locations, and marketplaces with the ease of managing just one channel! The ETP Unified Commerce Retail Platform unifies your inventory and order data, streamlining the entire process from purchase to delivery. This translates to significant benefits for both you and your customers:

Centralized Information Management:

Want every piece of information to be stored in one centralized location? Say no more! The ETP Unified Commerce Retail Platform stores everything in one place, accessible to everyone in your organization. From customer details, product data, and sales orders, to promotions, access it whenever you want. What does that mean? It means smoother operations, accurate decisions every time, faster action in spotting trends, etc. 

Unprecedented Scalability:

The ETP Unified Commerce Platform is a cloud-based system built to scale seamlessly alongside your goals. Whether you’re expanding into new markets, adding brands, or experiencing explosive sales growth, ETP Unify adapts effortlessly. Automatic updates and new features ensure you’re always equipped with the latest tools, allowing you to focus on what matters most: running your thriving business.

A high-quality shopping experience is no longer enough—consumers want an engaging shopping experience that offers them value, both in terms of pricing as well as functionality. Once they’ve gotten used to those benefits from other companies, they expect those same things from you. So, your first step towards switching to an ETP’s Unified Commerce would be to book a free demo with us right now!

Are you looking for a technology partner who can accommodate all of your unique needs and demands? Click here for a free ETP Unified Commerce Retail Platform demo!

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