Benefits of an innovative POS software for your retail business


ETP Blogpost - Benefits of Retail POS Software


A POS Software is a robust and flexible retail software that offers your customers a unified online-to-offline shopping experience. It seamlessly streamlines all back-end operations and customer-facing services by syncing them with one another resulting in a quality omnichannel retail solution. With the help of omnichannel POS solutions, retailers can connect with their customers quickly, track their buying history which serves as raw input for creating personalized marketing promotions, and offer smooth, consistent quality experiences across various retail channels such as online markets or marketplaces, physical stores, company websites, mobile apps, and many more.


Listed below, discover the benefits of investing in cutting-edge POS billing software for your retail business:

  1. Price Consistencies

POS billing software is a boon for businesses having multiple outlets at different locations. The software ensures price consistencies by quickly updating product prices across various locations simultaneously, resulting in unified pricing across all store locations.

  1. Fewer Billing Errors

Cash registers and manual billing processes result in multiple errors, which can create customer dissatisfaction. POS systems leave little room for error and can be automated to quickly rectify errors within a couple of clicks. Apart from this, they are easy to operate too.

  1. Improved Customer Experiences

CRM-friendly POS solutions can collect and track customer preferences and buying history. The collected data plays a critical role in targeted marketing campaigns, allowing retailers to conveniently market specific products to selected individual customers or groups of customers resulting in improved customer experiences.

  1. Efficient Time Utilization

A POS billing software is a straightforward system guaranteeing quick transactions and reducing customer waiting time. ETP’s Omni-Channel POS Software system can handle a high volume of transactions, is PCI PA-DSS certified ensuring data security of your customer’s payment information, and can be implemented across multiple countries, currencies, tax structures, and time zones. It also accepts multiple modes of payments, allows quick invoice printing, and leverages your company’s existing IT structure to reduce operating costs.

  1. Efficient Inventory Tracking

Retailers receive a minute-by-minute inventory status via the retail POS software. With real-time inventory availability, retailers can quickly know the items that are out of stock as well as stop ordering items that do not sell, resulting in a swift stock reconciliation process that reduces the stock take lead time for updating the physical count of the store inventory and ensures your inventory is constantly replenished and updated. A forward-looking POS solution such as the ETP Store solution provides omnichannel order fulfillment for the modern retailer by providing features such as BOPIS/BORIS, Click & Collect, Click & Deliver, D2C, SFS, endless aisle, and anywhere returns or exchanges by means of which you can leverage your warehouse inventory as well as your virtual stock including your nearby store inventory for swiftly fulfilling omnichannel orders.


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