With the right retail POS software, creating amazing customer moments is a DIY thing!


With the right retail POS software, creating amazing customer moments is a DIY thing!

The Building Materials and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) market is projected to grow by a CAGR greater than 3% by the end of 2026 with Asia Pacific being the fast growing region across the world.

This market is segmented by:

  1. Geographies – Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America
  2. Product type – Lumber and landscape management, décor and indoor garden, kitchen, painting and wallpaper, tools and hardware, building materials, lighting, plumbing and equipment, flooring, repair and replacement, and electrical work
  3. Distribution channels – DIY home improvement stores, specialty stores, online, furniture, and other physical stores

The DIY home improvement retailing vertical has observed a remarkable growth ever since the COVID-19 pandemic.

DIY enthusiasts across the world have been devoting time to complete home improvement projects on their own as skilled labour required for such activities has not been accessible for much of the time due to repeated lockdowns and persistent coronavirus cases. Majority of the DIY retailers are engaged in gardening practices to enliven the customers’ living spaces and keep them entertained during the lockdown situations. Such factors are driving the demand for DIY products and materials further up.

Do it yourself (DIY) is an umbrella term that mainly refers to the act of designing and modifying any project yourself. This practice allows customers to develop spectacular projects on their own without seeking professional help. The market’s target products are home improvement tools, equipment, and appliances that are used in building maintenance, plumbing and other home improvement jobs. Lifestyle changes have triggered interest in DIY interior design. In addition, the growing population of working women in developing regions and their participation in decision-making about home decor is also leading to an increase in the sales of DIY home improvement products. Using do-it-yourself products reduces long-term costs compared to outsourcing the work to expensive even if, skilled labour.

Every building materials and DIY home improvement retailing business needs:

  • A comprehensive system to manage growing volumes and regional price differences
  • Ease in data collection and processing, and access to real-time information and reports
  • A solution for creating easy-to-deploy promotions
  • A faster POS system to serve large volumes and manage thousands of SKUs
  • Intuitive enterprise CRM programming and analytics

ETP International has repeatedly delivered the following benefits to its DIY Retailing clients with stores across Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and the Middle East:

  • ETP Store solution integrated with the ERP system, warehouse processes, supply chain, and finance departments
  • End-to-end visibility and quick access to stock and sales information
  • Proven ability to manage high volume of traffic at the stores
  • Flexible centralized solution design that facilitates home delivery from the store or warehouse
  • Inventory data access and action – online/offline on real-time basis
  • Integration with the promotion engine for defining and executing promotions real-time based on the location, time, customer and merchandise
  • Users can create reports as per their requirements and group-level permissions and not be dependent on a standard set of reports

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