Thailand’s Leading Health-Promotion Pharmaceutical Company Enhances Business Operations With ETP V5.2


A leading Thai retailer of pharmacy, health food, cosmetics and medical equipments has signed an agreement to implement ETP V5.2 for its chain of retail stores.

The company operates pharmacy retail shops and is recognised as a premium provider of a variety of high quality health-care products. Catering to the premium tier of customers, it carries a broad range of branded products from the US, France and England.

“This pharmacy retailer is an established brand name in Thailand and we are delighted that they have selected ETP V5.2 to enhance their business operations. The ETP V5.2 retail management solution will improve its business processes while enabling them to provide even better customer service. Real-time business reports are also readily available to facilitate strategic marketing and management planning,” says Naresh Ahuja, Chairman, ETP International.

“We are seeing an increasing demand for a robust and dynamic solution that helps to decrease costs, increase bottom-line and streamline business processes in the retail industry. Its not a novelty to tap on the capabilities of information technology to maximise resources but the challenge lies in finding the right solution that fits a retailer’s unique business requirements. ETP V5.2 was developed specifically for the retail industry and we are pleased that its capabilities has again been recognised by another perceptive and appreciative retailer”, commented Mr Ahuja.

About ETP International Pte Ltd
ETP International is an enterprise software company focused on enabling retailers to run their business proactively using the cutting-edge ETP V5 Retail Solution. Founded in 1988 ETP has its International HQ in Singapore, R&D centre in Mumbai and a network of partners in over 20 countries, selling, implementing and supporting ETP solutions. ETP’s three digit growth is driven by the wide acceptance of its flagship product ETP V5 by leading retailers.

ETP V5 is a 4th generation solution designed to help retailers move from a push based business model to a push-pull based business model, making them more proactive in planning, execution, analysis and decision making. It is seamlessly integrated through POS, CRM, Online Sales, Call Centre Sales, Merchandise Planning, Promotions Planning, Procurement, Distribution, Warehousing and Analytics. Developed with reliability, scalability and globalisation in mind, ETP V5 is capable of handling multiple languages, time zones, currencies, taxes, company and group structures, 20 users to 1000’s of users, various hardware platforms and operating systems and can be implemented comprehensively or modularly.

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