Victor Tan


Tan Cheong Hwa (aka Victor Tan) is ETP’s Regional Director responsible for ETP’s growth in Greater China, Singapore and Malaysia. Since joining ETP in September 2016, Victor has won several new labels; closing deals with the largest sports retailer in Malaysia, the largest distributor of beauty products in Singapore and the fastest growing company in the history of the world, for their outlets in Korea. He is now nurturing his fast growing team with and ambition for exceptional performance and growth.

In May 1997, Victor graduated from University of Oklahoma with Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Upon graduation, he immediately returned home to start a career as an industrial engineer. Realizing he was not made for desk job, he took up sales engineering later that year serving the semiconductor and high technology manufacturing industry until 2009. It was during that difficult time of economic crisis that pushed Victor to take the leap of faith into exploring hardware and software solution sales; serving MNCs, Enterprise and SME retailers ever since.

Victor truly believes that when he puts his mind to it he succeeds in whatever he does, and his successes has always begun with him stepping out of his comfort zone. Victor embraces diversity, enjoys travelling, meeting people and trying different food. He will be seen spending quality time with his spouse and teenage kids during the weekends.

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