Arunmoy Bose


Arunmoy Bose (a.k.a Arun) is Chief Technical Architect in R&D department, responsible for the technical development and innovations at ETP. As a manager, he is associated with the tools and technologies that are used in ETP widely at different stages viz. conceptualization, POC, Development, deployment etc. He is a significant contributor to the growth of the company, by bringing in advancements and automation in the software development process.

Arunmoy has done his post-graduation in Mathematics from University of Calcutta. He carries a rich experience of 17 years in different industry segments like Finance (AML), general insurance, healthcare insurance, and enterprise document management, before joining ETP.

During a tenure of over 4 years at ETP, Arunmoy has accomplished a number of feats. He has designed a number of frameworks which are used in the existing version of the application. He is also instrumental in developing numerous POCs and publishing approach whitepapers on ETP’s roadmap points. More recently, he is working on ETP’s vision of Hybrid Cloud solution. He is also working on the latest market trends in the retail space of harnessing Artificial Intelligence using ETP Accelerator, the promotion engine.

He is the champion in the team for doing any technical solutions, root case analysis or providing hardware sizing based on the customer’s requirements. He interacts closely with team members and provides technical assistance and knowledge sharing across departments.

Arunmoy’s family includes his parents, his wife and a cute, lovely daughter. He has a great passion for football and hits the ground whenever an opportunity comes his way. In his spare time, Arunmoy pursues his passion for painting and philately.

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