Retail NEXT Indonesia Attracts More Than 60 Leading Retailers (2007)


ETP International and its Indonesian business partner, PT Jatis Solutions held their first Retail NEXT in Indonesia on 31 October 2007 at the Shangri-La Hotel. The half-day retail conference was a success, attracting more than 60 of the industry’s senior management.

Retail NEXT Indonesia Attracts More Than 60 Leading Retailers (2007)

The conference had a stellar speaker lineup including Mr. Sugiono Wiyono, President Director of PT Trikomsel Multimedia, Mr. Vijay Jain, CEO of ORRA, Mr. Prabir Sengupta, Vice President – Finance & IT of ITC Lifestyle Retailing Business Division and Mr. Rajkumar Jagasia, Executive Director of ETP International.
Mr. Sugiono shared with the audience his experience in managing the fast growth of lifestyle retail and the cornerstones to PT Trikomsel Multimedia’s success.
Mr. Rajkumar Jagasia of ETP presented on how retailers can leverage on technology to build a proactive organization. Case studies of ETP customers were shared with the audience, on how they had fully capitalized on the use of technology and business information to build a proactive retail organization.

Retail NEXT Indonesia Attracts More Than 60 Leading Retailers (2007)1

The conference resumed after a short break with Mr. Vijay Jain presenting on how ORRA as a diamond jewellery company branded itself successfully in the competitive Indian market and the strategies it adopted to differentiate itself from the competitors. The audience were also bowled over by the quality and advanced branding techniques used from two video clips that were shown during his presentation.
The final session by Mr. Prabir Sengupta was equally exciting, giving audience a detailed analysis of how ITC had succeeded in the use of technology in achieving competitive advantages from manufacturing right through to customer relationship management.

Retail NEXT Indonesia Attracts More Than 60 Leading Retailers (2007)2The half-day conference culminated in a luncheon hosted by ETP International and PT Jatis Solutions. Delegates were treated to a sumptuous spread of international cuisine and the opportunity to network among themselves and the speakers.

Retail NEXT Indonesia Attracts More Than 60 Leading Retailers (2007)3

“We are pleased with the turnout for the event. The caliber of the speakers was excellent as usual. Their presentations were informative and well-received by the audience. Many members of the audience complimented the speakers and said “We have come away learning a great deal about the innovative initiatives different leading retailers are taking to be successful”. “Thought provoking” said many.” commented Mr. Naresh Ahuja, Managing Director, ETP International.
On average, 95% of the audience rated the conference from Good to Excellent and affirmed that they would like to attend another Retail NEXT conference in future.

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