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Retail Employees’ Day and its significance | Omni channel Retail Solutions


People frequently visit consumer stores, fashion retail outlets, convenience stores, etc. But how often do we end our interaction with a retail associate with a thank you? This is the question that has catalyzed a movement to celebrate Retail Employees’ Day (RED).

It was created to thank and appreciate retail employees for their relentless efforts. It is an initiative directed not only at employers but at customers as well, to encourage them to show gratitude to retail associates across the country. Floor employees are the face of any business and they carry the brand image of the company a long way. As Mr. Sanjay Behl famously said “Over the years, Retail Employees’ Day has become synonymous with celebrating the spirit, passion and commitment of each one of you”. Companies and CEOs have began using RED to create employee-centric stories.

So what can a retailer do to ensure his employees are happy? 

Business owners must ensure that their employees have a good work-life balance. The overall happiness of the employees will not only increase their productivity but also ensure that they greet customers with a smile. Reducing the overall stress of the employees is thus integral. Ensuring the POS & CRM Software being used is fast and efficient is the responsibility resting with the retailers. Introducing and implementing solutions like mobile Point-of-Sales (mPOS)  will prevent long queues and create a better working environment for the employees and excelling shopping experience for customers.

But why do retail associates deserve their own day?

While the festive season is usually meant to be spent with your loved ones, retail associates have to work beyond the roster hours during the season. The festive season is when retail businesses are buzzing and earning most of their money. Thus, it is important that we take a day out of the calendar to celebrate and show our gratitude towards the backbone of the retail business, its employees and front-end retail associates.

RED in India

A concept ideated by Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN), started with 20,000 people celebrating the day in India, in 2011. Now it is a maneuver that has grown to 800+ brands celebrating this day for a count of  6 million employees, across 72 malls and countries like India, Turkey, Philippines & UAE. In 2013, Retail Employees’ Day inspired Boyner Group in Turkey to celebrate the day with its 12000 employees leading the entire country to take up the celebrations in 2014. About 2 million people from the Turkey retail industry celebrated Retail Employees Day, making this simple idea a truly global phenomenon that year. With over millions of people celebrating it, this initiative by TRRAIN has seen tremendous success. 



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