Pioneering Perfumes Manufacturer and Retailer in Middle East Decides on ETP V5.2


Pioneering Perfumes Manufacturer and Retailer in Middle East Decides on ETP V5.2

One of the pioneering perfumes manufacturers in the Middle East has partnered with ETP International, a leading end-to-end retail solutions company, to implement the ETP V5.2 suite.

The perfumes group is a diversified perfumes manufacturing, distribution and retailing company. Established in 1974, it originally began its business operations with the marketing of the popular “Jannet el Firdaus” brand targeting Asian users. Over the years the company has diversified into serving various customer segments within the perfume industry. The firm distributes its products in more than 80 countries across five continents.

Pioneering Perfumes Manufacturer and Retailer in Middle East Decides on ETP V5.21

In the Arabian Gulf, the group operates nearly 70 of its own retail stores. The stores are separated into two formats which target different end users; the value conscious and the luxury segment customers. The Group has plans for rapidly expanding both these concepts across the Gulf region and beyond.

Pioneering Perfumes Manufacturer and Retailer in Middle East Decides on ETP V5.22

“We are impressed with the integrated approach that ETP V5.2 has to offer. We have seen how the ETP V5.2 modules when used in combination, is an invaluable tool to any retail organisation. The scalability of the solution fits our criteria to have a tighter control over our retail operations as we continue to expand. It also allows us to have across the board visibility of our stocks which is important to our production and stock management. Another area that we are focusing on is improved customer relationship management. With the data captured and the proactive features of the solution, we can now effectively manage all our store promotions and reduce the rollout timeline for sales promotions,” said the director of the group.

With the use of the ETP V5.2, the Group can expect to speed up the sales checkout process time, streamline and improve on stock management, implement a robust customer relationship management system, derive effective sales promotions with real-time data and execute such promotions with minimal hassle across all stores.

About ETP V5

The ETP V5 covers all the key functionalities required by retail and distribution companies. The integrated solution provides retailers and distributors the power to monitor and refine business strategies in response to the business dynamics instantly, effecting these changes in operations seamlessly without affecting day-to-day operations. The components within ETP V5 can be used comprehensively or selectively to provide an end-to-end integrated solution for retailers and distributors.

About ETP International Pte Ltd

ETP International is an enterprise software company focused on enabling retailers to run their business proactively using the cutting-edge ETP V5 Retail Solution. Founded in 1988 ETP has its International HQ in Singapore, R&D centre in Mumbai and a network of partners in over 12 countries, selling, implementing and supporting ETP solutions. ETP’s three digit growth is driven by the wide acceptance of its flagship product ETP V5 by leading retailers.

ETP V5 is a 4th generation solution designed to help retailers move from a push based business model to a push-pull based business model, making them more proactive in planning, execution, analysis and decision making. It is seamlessly integrated through POS, CRM, Online Sales, Call Centre Sales, Merchandise Planning, Promotions Planning, Procurement, Distribution, Warehousing and Analytics. Developed with reliability, scalability and globalisation in mind, ETP V5 is capable of handling multiple languages, time zones, currencies, taxes, company and group structures, 20 users to 1000’s of users, various hardware platforms and operating systems and can be implemented comprehensively or modularly.

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