Leading Gold Jeweller in Middle East Chooses ETP V5.2


A leader in 24k gold jewellery retail in the Middle East has signed an agreement with ETP International to implement the ETP V5.2 Retail solution suite for its retail operations. The gold jewellery chain is a franchisee for a leading Asian gold jewellery brand and is the sole distributor and retailer for UAE and North Africa.

Leading Gold Jeweller in Middle East Chooses ETP V5.2

The gold jewellery brand name spreads across Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, UAE, Vietnam, Malaysia, China & Hong Kong, Nepal and Egypt.
In UAE, the retail outlets are located in premium shopping malls and locations including the exclusive Burj Al Arab, the world’s only seven star hotel.The product lines it carry include gold jewellery, diamond jewellery, watches and other precious stones.
The gold jewellery company in Dubai has also been awarded the exclusive distribution for MGM watches in the Middle East and South Asia. In collaboration with MGM, plans are underway to open up retail outlets in UAE and India for the MGM range of brands including Alan & Anthony, Salvador Dali, Pink Panther and Tom & Jerry.
A wholesale division was also set up to sell jewellery boxes and display accessories in Dubai and exporting to the rest of Middle East.
“This gold jewellery company is a leading 24k gold retail chain that we are proud to have as a solutions user. We are gratified that the retailer sees the value in ETP V5.2 and the service levels that we can provide. ETP V5.2 is a popular consideration with jewellery retailers due to its retail-oriented function and features. The specific requirements for jewellery retail such as gold and diamond carats, cash management to fluctuating commodity prices are functions that ETP V5.2 can easily handle. This can be attested by our jewellery customers,” said Mr Naresh Ahuja, Chairman, ETP International.
With the use of ETP V5.2, the jewellery retailer will be able to have an integrated view of its business process and gain greater control of its inventory movements across the supply chain. It will enjoy greater demand and supply chain efficiencies, improve customer service at store levels and effectively manage loyalty programmes.

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ETP International is an enterprise software company focused on enabling retailers to run their business proactively using the cutting-edge ETP V5 Retail Solution. Founded in 1988 ETP has its International HQ in Singapore, R&D centre in Mumbai and a network of partners in over 12 countries, selling, implementing and supporting ETP solutions. ETP’s three digit growth is driven by the wide acceptance of its flagship product ETP V5 by leading retailers.

ETP V5 is a 4th generation solution designed to help retailers move from a push based business model to a push-pull based business model, making them more proactive in planning, execution, analysis and decision making. It is seamlessly integrated through POS, CRM, Online Sales, Call Centre Sales, Merchandise Planning, Promotions Planning, Procurement, Distribution, Warehousing and Analytics. Developed with reliability, scalability and globalisation in mind, ETP V5 is capable of handling multiple languages, time zones, currencies, taxes, company and group structures, 20 users to 1000’s of users, various hardware platforms and operating systems and can be implemented comprehensively or modularly.

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