Knowing shopper personas to prepare your staff and store to sell more this holiday season


It is important for your store to be ready for the different types of shoppers that will come through your doors. Retailers and marketers know that, knowing your customers is the key to a retailer’s success. 

Consumer behaviour is an important factor to consider when preparing your store for a christmas opening. These are the steps that can help you figure out the shopper personas that will walk through your door. 

From your existing pool of buyers, figure out the most common personas. How old are they, their gender, where do they live? 

Think about who these people are and their typical buying behaviour in your store.

Leading to the next point, look at their purchases and figure out the objective of their purchases. Are they buying for themselves or others? Especially during the holiday season, what type of gifts are they getting? For their office gift exchange, for friends, family or partner? Different types of receiver will result in different budget and different product purchases

This will help you see what inventory to stock up and how your staff is able to give sound recommendations. 

If you have an online presence, the data you collected online is also very valuable. The online buying behaviour may be different from in stores. Hence, it is important for you to check on the online data and figure out how to properly promote and structure online purchases. 

The online purchase behaviour can also be an additional info for in store buying behaviour, it can show you what are the typical purchases made together and that might help you figure out which inventory to prioritise when planning your shelves.

Successful retailers know their customers, not only do they know what customers are buying and what they want to purchase but also their behaviours outside of the store, like their hobbies and interests. 

By analysing all that information, they are able to provide stellar customer experience. Stores are aware that the day they stop knowing their customer is the day they lose that customer.

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