Is mPOS a smarter alternative to the traditional POS?


Is mPOS a smarter alternative to the traditional POS? | mPOS

During the past two decades, most retailers in Asia Pacific and India have already replaced the typical manual billing systems with robust and dynamic POS software solutions that support multiple payment gateways, easy checkouts, and improve the overall customer shopping experience. These traditional POS systems play a critical role for retail businesses as they offer several business-specific features like inventory management, sales reports, and integration with backend retail operations.

However, modern customers nowadays expect to make their retail purchases quickly and without any hassles. So, retailers cannot solely depend on POS software and must adopt Mobile POS solutions as well into their businesses.

Both mPOS and POS software play a crucial role in facilitating a retail businesses’ productivity and sales. Retailers looking to scale up their in-store shopping experience must rely on both these solutions for a higher profit-generating business outcome. They need to include mPOS systems into their retail operations as these prove to be a more innovative and modern alternative to POS solutions.

This article aims to help you understand why Mobile POS software or mPOS is a more intelligent alternative to POS software.

Some Benefits Of Using The MPOS System Are

  • Turn Store Associates into more Efficient Employee
    These Mobile POS solutions enable businesses and their employees to move around and assist shoppers at the end of the decision. Equipped with the mobile POS, your store associates turn into seller experts who have all the information in their hands.
    Empowered with this access to product information, they may offer customers personalized guidance on product availability, and the method of payment to close sales will be faster and more effective.
  • A single view of customers
    The mobile point of sale system has been designed to help brands handle more consumers efficiently. Therefore, it is vital that this software allows the store associates to be able to register the in-store shoppers instantly into the company’s retail CRM system. This would also enable the customers to earn and burn loyalty points instantaneously.
  • Give more visibility into your inventory
    With these cloud-based Mobile POS solutions, you will get visibility into your complete inventory movement across all channels. You can now check any product and data to answer your customers’ questions on the spot, making services faster, the sales revenue greater, and the business better.
  • The volume of digital transaction
    The traditional Point of Sale (POS) software manages several online transaction efficiencies while maintaining speed. The protection of the payment gateway cannot be ignored while handling the large number of transactions. Many firms dealing with cash transactions might not simply need a dedicated point of sale device for business dealing. But others who have substantial inlets of online or cashless transactions can benefit by investing in this mobile, protected technology.
  • Increases sales by reducing the checkout lines
    As most customers don’t like to wait in a long queue, using Mobile POS solutions, you can easily set up quick checkouts during rush hours and preserve sales that could be lost due to long lines.
  • Supports multiple payment types
    Sellers want effortless methods of payment. Mobile pos technology accepts cash, debit, credit, and loyalty cards, and many more. If you have so many options to receive payments, the checkout process at your stores will be a breeze.
  • Helps to cut down on costs
    mPOS is not nearly as costly as the conventional POS system. You can use it on any iOs and android tablet device. The hardware needed is minimal and less expensive. In addition, your staff won’t need any specialized training since they are already familiar with the interface.

The most important aspect of this mobility revolution is centered on customer personalization, portability, and easy access to a more connected, mobile internet. These factors play the most crucial role in mobile point of sale for retail operations where the retailers want to gain customer sales and satisfaction over their products, especially in the luxury and lifestyle environment.

With ETP being able to deliver a complete Mobile POS solutions program, that seamlessly has complete billing, inventory look up, and retail mobility solutions over iOs or android based smartphone devices, retailers can now easily manage their customers’ buying history, allow customers to add loyalty points, look up stock, generate invoices based on their purchase or put the bills on hold, collect payments securely, and more importantly reduce queues, thereby maintaining safe distancing between customers at the stores.

ETP’s Mobile POS solution, ETP Mobile Store makes your business transactions simpler and convenient! With intelligent features like easy deployment, endless aisle item search, product lookup, and quick and convenient billing, this mPOS system eases your daily transactions. It promotes customer satisfaction, thereby increasing your sales and profits.

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