India’s Perennial Youth Apparel Chain Chooses ETP V5.2


The flagship stores established by a leading company in India has announced its partnership with ETP International to implement the ETP V5.2 retail solution for their chain of stores. The chain of flagship stores is aligned with the mindset of the “now generation”, offering contemporary fashion wear for the youth.

India's Perennial Youth Apparel Chain Chooses ETP V5.2

The parent company ranks among India’s largest integrated manufacturing, marketing and retailing organisations, with a turnover exceeding USD 70 million. It possess the state-of-the-art garment-manufacturing units for different product groups. In 1987, the company introduced a new category of youth apparel which houses a range of casual wear for today’s youth – jeans wear, street wears, sports wear, etc.

The apparel store began with a single basement outlet on Bangalore’s Residency Road. In the late `80s, it worked on the assumption that street fashion in the youth segment, like in the Western countries, would be the growth area for the branded apparel industry.

After its successful launch, the apparel brand was extended to kidswear for the 2–12 year age group. Partnerships with Walt Disney and Warner under the retail umbrella of Toonworld in 2002 made the company stronger and unique. It has the largest single collection. of Toon character merchandise under one roof. With the 90s and the emergence of a bold, new generation, the company turned image-maker and seized the moment to create a standalone identity. The popularity and dominance of these brands is explained by the company’s core strengths in distribution, merchandising and image creation – every season.

“Adding a household brand like this apparel company to our portfolio of customers is a great moment for ETP International. We are heartened that even an established household brand sees the need for a robust retail management system to complement their operations and growth strategies. The fact that the ETP V5.2 retail solution has been selected over others adds to our conviction that the solution is one that is well-received and preferred by growth-oriented retailers,” commented Mr Naresh Ahuja.

With ETP V5.2 retail solution, the apparel chain will see returns on their investment with improved customer service levels, better management of their loyalty programmes, effective integration of business process and efficient deployment of resources.

About ETP V5

The ETP V5 covers all the key functionalities required by retail and distribution companies. The integrated solution provides retailers and distributors the power to monitor and refine business strategies in response to the business dynamics instantly, effecting these changes in operations seamlessly without affecting day-to-day operations. The components within ETP V5 can be used comprehensively or selectively to provide an end-to-end integrated solution for retailers and distributors.

About ETP International Pte Ltd

ETP International is an enterprise software company focused on enabling retailers to run their business proactively using the cutting-edge ETP V5 Retail Solution. Founded in 1988 ETP has its International HQ in Singapore, R&D centre in Mumbai and a network of partners in over 12 countries, selling, implementing and supporting ETP solutions. ETP’s three digit growth is driven by the wide acceptance of its flagship product ETP V5 by leading retailers.

ETP V5 is a 4th generation solution designed to help retailers move from a push based business model to a push-pull based business model, making them more proactive in planning, execution, analysis and decision making. It is seamlessly integrated through POS, CRM, Online Sales, Call Centre Sales, Merchandise Planning, Promotions Planning, Procurement, Distribution, Warehousing and Analytics. Developed with reliability, scalability and globalisation in mind, ETP V5 is capable of handling multiple languages, time zones, currencies, taxes, company and group structures, 20 users to 1000’s of users, various hardware platforms and operating systems and can be implemented comprehensively or modularly.

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