India’s Leading Diamond Jewelry Chain Goes ‘Live’


India's Leading Diamond Jewelry Chain Goes 'Live'

A leading diamond jewellery in India which is an ETP V5.2 customer has gone ‘live’ on 6th April 2007 and have started rolling out to all their stores in India. The Roll Out as a success and the system is stable and robust – in 34 outlets, 1 warehouse, 1 factory. All existing stores are ‘live’ now and the whole roll-out process took 1.5 months.
The diamond jewellery retail chain has chosen to implement the integrated ETP V5.2 retail solution across all of its India Retail operations. The values of ETP V5.2 met the retailer’s plans to expand to 50 stores in the immediate future – an integrated system to scale with its business, increase business efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve customer’s in-store experience. ETP is committed in its delivery at all stages, resolving issues quickly and exceeding customer’s expectations.
ETP provides the platform for the retailer to reap the benefits of an integrated inventory management and visibility, proactive CRM, effective, season and promotions planning, category management capability and improved service levels to its customers. ETP enables the company to increase their efficiency and productivity, consolidating and integrating all of its business entities including the franchisees onto one single platform. ETP helps the retailer in improving its customer service, enabling a shorter cycle time at lower costs, selectively adjusting its systems for different regions. It not only increases customer service time for transaction cycle, but also enables additional work/service to be done, eg. size alteration. Most importantly, it allows invoices to be generated in each store in a much shorter time compared to the past. There is greater business efficiency now as the company can decide what stores get what merchandise based on the sales analysis. The ability of inventory lookup across stores also reduces loss sales. Staff has commented that ETP system is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The diamond jewellery chain is part of a large group which has achieved an outstanding reputation by creating unique end-to-end supply capability. With offices, factories and stores in 15 countries, 15,000 employees and US$1.7 billion in sales, the parent company is firmly established across the value chain and in all major diamond and jewellery centres globally.

The company currently has 34 stores across India. It is perhaps the only jewellery company in India which has tie-ups with the three leading jewellery organisations namely, DTC (De Beers), PGI (Platinum Guild India) and WGC (World Gold Council). The main thrust of the business is retailing diamond jewellery. The size of the store ranges from 700 square feet to 3,500 square feet, depending on the location. Stock held in each store ranges from 700 to 2,000 pieces.

India's Leading Diamond Jewelry Chain Goes 'Live'1

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