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Enable a superior customer experience across channels

The ETP POS Software enables you to provide a seamless customer experience across all your retail touchpoints such as offline stores, e-commerce sites and other channels. The ETP Retail POS software integrated with an in-transaction CRM system creates a single view of the customer from registration to billing to customer specific promotions to loyalty management. It is user-friendly, fast and reliable with touch-screen technology – making ETP Store a retail POS solution that transforms your point-of-sale into a point-of-delight for both your end customers and your store staff. The ETP Retail Store Solution is a JPOS compatible Java based and platform independent robust and flexible system, capable of high volume transactions that can fit within various corporate environments thus leveraging your company’s existing IT infrastructure and lowering your operational costs. It is Payment Card Industry Payment Application Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS) certified so you can ensure data security of your customers’ payment information.


The POS solution provides you with features such as click and collect, endless aisle and easy omni-channel returns and exchanges. This enables your customers to purchase products online and pick them up at their preferred stores/outlets or they can order products that are not available in stores and have them delivered directly. They also have the convenience of returning a product at the store or having it collected from their desired location, no matter which channel they have purchased from. Using the retail CRM software, you can develop, track and modify customer-based promotions while capturing valuable customer insights.

The intuitive POS software improves your brand visibility while sustaining engagement by allowing easy access to products and cross/up-selling promotions, thus enabling the increase of revenue per customer steadily. The ETP Omni-channel POS solution is capable of doing quick and detailed billing as well as allows you to perform functions such as cash management, reports, gift vouchers, audit trails and it can run in online as well as in offline mode. The CRM solution through the POS solution helps your store staff to lookup customers’ information in-order to add or update details, bolstering the central CRM database further.

ETP V5 Omni-channel Retail Solutions comprising omni-channel POS software, Mobility (mobile POS), CRM software, Marketing and Promotion Campaigns, Order Management & Supply Chain Management, Omni-channel Analytics and Omni-channel Connect provide you with features such as Click and Collect, Click and Deliver, Endless Aisle, a holistic view of the inventory, and a single view of the customer enabling you to deliver a unified brand-customer relationship across all channels. This is done using real-time integration of ETP’s POS solution, CRM solution and Promotions engine with webstores and marketplaces using ETP Connect’s secured web services framework, which has the ability to see and manage order flows.

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