ETP OCSS OMni-channel Order Management

Omni-channel Order Management


Fulfil all your omni-channel orders

ETP Store is a unique POS system which has an integrated Order Management function that can be connected with your e-commerce channel to accept orders from another source and convert them to ring up sales at the retail store. Your store will thus serve as a fulfilment center for all your omni-channel orders. Similarly, the order management function in POS can be used to accept orders in your store and have them uploaded to the e-commerce channel for processing and delivery, fully synchronized by ETP Connect. The system can accept partial or full payments (in a number of payment modes) for orders as well as complete payments, if partial payments are made online. Since the POS system is integrated with the promotions system, all promotions, loyalty management (earn and burn points) and CRM functionalities such as customer registration and tracking their buying history can also be applied to these orders. Keep your customers loyal with an integrated and fulfilling omni-channel order processing system in store.


ETP V5 Omni-channel Store Solution

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