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Our Customers. Their success stories using ETP Omni-channel Retail Solutions.

With ETP, we have a partner who not just understands technology but also our overall business. That really adds value for us! As a CIO, they made my life simple by bringing all the top process functions and best practices. They understood our requirements so well that their solution needs no customization till date, just some add-ons. They are highly responsible and responsive in delivery and I immensely enjoy working with them.

Leading Lifestyle Retailer in Malaysia

ETP has delivered on our very demanding requirements and the proof of the same is the complete satisfaction of the internal business customers. True to its name, ETP has been our strategic partner for retail technology with a good mix of products.

Leading Lifestyle Retailer in The Philippines

We selected ETP because of its market presence, product and domain knowledge. The selection was also easy since some of our competitors in the other parts of the world had already chosen ETP. They helped us overcome our internal challenges and accommodated very well to our requirements. As an enterprise, we are in the long haul with ETP as our partner in success and growth.

Leading Lifestyle Retailer in Indonesia
Research Development Advisor

Thank you Team ETP for your support with implementing the GST project. I am sure it must have been a herculean task to garner resources, schedule developments and resolve issues. Your dedication and commitment to go live on time is commendable.

Leading Timepieces Retailer in India
Head IT

We appreciate your support and efforts in helping us go live with GST on July 1st. Your commitment and hard work, particularly during the last few days before go live was commendable.

Global Electronics Retailer

Thank you Team ETP for the valuable support for GST implementation. Without your support, we would not have completed implementation.

Leading Footwear Retailer in India

Thank you for all your timely support to rollout out GST patch across all our stores in India. We were ready to serve our customers and give them a GST invoice on Day 1 of GST. On behalf of the our entire team, thank you to each member of team ETP for making this possible in such a short time.

Apparel Retailer in India

Thanks for all your support to rollout GST readiness across our stores in India. Our business is complicated with our own stores, franchisees and ETP took care of all these scenarios to deliver this special service to us. Special thanks for providing support on off days and at late hours.

Leading Apparel Retail Brand
Director IT

For us, it was not just the products of ETP but also the people behind them, the kind of commitment and ability which they possess is rarely seen in any other company. A lot of times we have seen their team go beyond existing requirements and make modifications and changes that are very demanding. Their ability to provide promised results in such difficult circumstances has been great. They ensured scalability in all their modules, securing future business demands.

Leading Jewelry Retailer in India

ETP has always been very committed to solve any problems and any challenges that we, as an enterprise, face. They have helped us to grow our retail business tremendously. So ETP is a strategic partner for us and we are looking forward to have an even better relationship and cooperation with ETP in the future.

Leading Mobile Phone Retailer in Indonesia

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