How to win customers this holiday season?


During this season when there is bound to be heavy traffic into stores, how do you differentiate yourself from other stores such that you will stand out and capture the customer’s attention? The key is to find out what your customers value when buying items from your store. Is it the in-store experience, the opportunity to try out the items or simply looking for delivery options?

Here are some ways in which you can “upgrade” your customers’ experience in your store. 

One leading retailer started this idea where shoppers who shop on their website could opt for a digital gift box. This meant that the recipient could either accept, modify or exchange the gift received even without receiving the physical product. 

This allows the recipient to have the ease of returning or exchanging gifts that are not suitable without having to go down to the store. This also reduces the costs for the retailer and keeps the “returned” item pristine for the next purchase. 

A frustrated child equals a frustrated parent. A toy retailer once provided stations for children to try out different toys and let them see demonstrations of how certain toys can be played or used. 

By doing so, the parents are more likely to be clear on which toys their child likes and which are the suitable toys for their ages. Children who follow their parents will be an important sway factor for parents to purchase more items. Thus, the key to having better sales is to allow the kids to convince their parents. 

Click and collect serves a few functions. For one, shoppers do not have to wait in line to pay for the product as the transaction is done online. Second, the shopper will get instant gratification compared to having to wait online for the delivery. Lastly, for the store, this can encourage impulse purchases which is something that is hard to do online. 

Retailers can also set up pickup points outside the store to facilitate fast pickups and reduce the queues. In this way, customers who purchase online can pick it up faster while avoiding having to wait in line in the store. 

All in all, this holiday season, it is important for stores to stand out from the crowd and offer a unique way of shopping such that shoppers will feel at ease and have a more pleasant time shopping. This will encourage them to return to your store in the future and thus build brand/store loyalty.

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