How do you learn from luxury retailers to up your sales this festive season?


We all know that the luxury retail scene has always set high standards of service. It is with this service that customers experience that keeps them coming back for more. 

How then do you utilize the learning points from luxury retailers to improve your own store’s performance, especially this season where there will be a large amount of shopping to be done. 

Here are three things that you can learn from them:

Marketing always emphasizes on the needs of the customers. It is the need that drives the buying behaviour. Start training your employees to recognise the unspoken needs of the customers. Customers are looking for a cookware set for their parents for Christmas? Train your staff to ask the right questions, what sort of cuisines do they usually cook? Is there a need for a lighter cookware because of the parents’ advanced age? 

Having your staff put together a customised and well thought out list will not only impress the customer, it will also lead the customer to buy more based on the recommendation by your staff. 

Not only do you need good customer service in the stores, the online experience is equally important. 

By having a system that generates sensible and useful suggestions to pair with the items in the basket, it helps trigger customers’ needs that they might not have thought of. This way, it allows you to sell more and at the same time impress your customer with the impeccable service both online and offline. 

During the holiday season, there are bound to be stockouts and customers may be frustrated when your staff are unable to help locate the items. Hence, having an integrated system will allow staff to check nearby outlets or even warehouse inventory such that the customer can hop over to another store or purchase it on the spot and wait for the item to be delivered. 

This will aid in the hectic season and maintain customer satisfaction and happiness levels and at the same time, sales will not be lost. 

It is important to learn from the best, and what luxury retailers do best is making customers feel good about purchasing goods even if they are expensive. By translating these strategies to your store, you may look forward to a bump in sales and increase in overall customer satisfaction this holiday season.

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