ETP SIS V5.5 (Shop-in Shop) Mobile Solution



ETP is delighted to launch the ETP SIS V5.5 (Shop-in Shop) Mobile solution for retailers.

ETP’s Mobile SIS solution helps shop-in-shop/departments store retailers better manage their sales, CRM and inventory on a convenient mobile platform in their SIS/Consignment location within department stores. Retailers can now make their replenishment more efficient to avoid over and under stock situations with online information of sales of sales and receipts from SIS stores. They can receive goods and track inventory movement at SIS stores. It removes the hassle of doing reconciliation with department stores on periodic sales and collection. Built on the technology that supports both Android and iOS, the ETP Mobile SIS solution can be hosted on premise or on the cloud.

Mr. Naresh Ahuja, Chairman & CEO, ETP Group mentioned, ‘’The problem shop-in-shop retail brands have is that they get sales information from the department stores either weekly or monthly and the data may not always be accurate. ETP Mobile SIS is a user-friendly, powerful mobile app which can allow them to record the sales (not actually produce the bill), update the system when they receive goods and also do a stock take.”

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