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The luxury and lifestyle retail market is the beacon of the future, with several international brands vying to design, develop and deliver the fashionable goods and services that consumers want.  To do so, they are being compelled to modernize their supply chain, to track inventory performance and to spur consumer interest in products and promotions. Obsolescence of existing systems, the predicament of whether to build or to buy and the need to seamlessly integrate cross-channel operations are the major challenges lifestyle retailers encounter.

Working with the leaders in luxury and lifestyle retail across Asia Pacific, India and the Middle East for more than a quarter of a century, ETP has garnered a vast experience and expertise of unscrambling such retail tech tangles. It has understood the business needs of lifestyle retailers from across the 3 most diverse regions in the world and developed an enterprise class, scalable and secure platform that seamlessly fulfils these needs with a prime focus on increasing demand and optimizing costs to improve bottom line.

Some of the noteworthy business benefits delivered by ETP to lifestyle retail brands through its omni channel retail solutions in order to help them transcend customer expectations and increase customer loyalty are:

  • One seamless solution that can integrate with existing, third-party e-commerce and ERP solutions, across different store formats and business models
  • Superior customer experience with quick checkout
  • Quick access to customer buying history, which helps the marketing and merchandise departments analyze customer needs and buying patterns
  • Option to define promotions centrally and establish controls on how to deploy them across channels
  • Targeted promotions and instant gratification based on customer profiles
  • Access to KPI dashboard to define and track sales/store-staff performance as per assigned targets
  • Ability to capture actionable customer feedback
  • Ease of inventory management, distribution and complete inventory visibility regardless of location or time
  • Brand, store and category level analysis of sales revenue and cost of goods sold
  • Complete visibility and centralized control, modification of feature roll-outs
  • Business stability and scalability to launch new stores while maintaining a uniform brand experience and quality customer service

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