Customer Success Stories: A Look Into How ETP’s POS Software Transformed Retail Businesses in India and the Philippines


Customer Success Stories: A Look Into How ETP’s POS Software Transformed Retail Businesses in India and the Philippines

The retail industry is constantly evolving. Customer expectations are higher than ever, demanding a seamless and efficient shopping experience across all channels. For retailers, keeping pace requires powerful tools to streamline operations, improve inventory management, and boost customer satisfaction.

ETP’s POS software is designed to be a transformation engine. We empower businesses of all sizes with a robust and user-friendly platform that goes beyond just processing transactions. In this blog series, we’ll delve into the real-world success stories of our customers, showcasing how ETP’s POS solutions have transformed their retail operations and taken their business to the next level. Get ready to be inspired by how ETP is shaping the future of retail, one success story at a time.

Success Story 1: Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Retailer


Established in 2006, it’s a pioneering fashion and lifestyle retailer running a bouquet of brands in India. The company forayed into the retail sector in 2000. With several path-breaking landmarks for Indian retail, the retailer pioneered the retail revolution in India and brought about a paradigm shift by redefining the shopping, recreation, and leisure experience.

The company’s multi-faceted retail addresses comprise shopping centers, premium malls, and super luxury malls, which have been delighting visitors with versatility, variety, and premium quality.

Business Needs:

  • Simple and easy-to-use system interface
  • Retail POS software integrated with CRM across all stores
  • Optimise business performance with tight control of back-end processes
  • Stock visibility and control across the retail stores and warehouses
  • Common Loyalty and CRM programs


ETP V5 Omni-Channel Retail Solutions were implemented, including ETP Store, ETP Accelerator, ETP Enterprise Application Server (EAS) and ETP Integrator.


When the luxury & lifestyle retailer adopted ETP’s POS software, it enabled one integrated system across different store formats and ensured a superior customer experience and faster checkouts. Moreover, with scalable solutions, opening new stores became a breeze. Consistent sales data was readily available at the head office thanks to timely synchronisation schedules, while centralised control of schemes and promotions enhanced operational efficiency.

ETP’s POS solution also offered faster time to market and centralised customer loyalty programs spanning across brands, including Auto Tier Upgrade. It ensured centralised validation of gift vouchers, credit notes, and sales returns, seamlessly integrating Point of Sale with gift card services. Additionally, the retail POS software supported accurate cash management at the stores, further streamlining their retail operations.

Here’s what our customer have to say about their experience with us:

“We were founded on a vision that seeks to usher in a better tomorrow by providing people with improved quality of life and living standards. We have endeavored to commit ourselves to providing comprehensive solutions to all our valued customers—solutions that combine high-end technology, design, and aesthetics and meet customer aspirations and expectations through superior standards of performance and service.”

— Chairman, Luxury & Lifestyle Retailer in India

Success Story 2: American Upscale Clothing Brand & Retailer (Philippines)


The first store was opened in Beverly Hills in 1981. The company was one of the first to create designer jeans for women, while men’s jeans debuted in 1983. A French national and a Filipino-Chinese resident brought it to the Philippines.

Initial Challenges:

  • Data sync between stores and head office
  • Unavailability of real-time inventory/stock information
  • Manual Gift card tracking
  • Manual promotions tracking
  • MS Excel usage for planning


ETP V5 Omni-Channel Retail Solutions


ETP’s point of sale software ensured near real-time data synchronisation, maintaining accurate inventory tallies between the head office and stores. It featured automatic gift card tracking and provided visibility into stock levels at other stores. The retail POS software also included an automatic promotions engine with intuitive performance tracking, which made it easy to monitor and optimise promotions. Customer registration at the store, whether for regular or loyal customers, was seamless. Additionally, the system is fully integrated with ERP and retail solutions, creating a comprehensive and efficient retail management system.

Success Story 3: India’s leading producer & retailer of jewelry, watches, and eyewear


The company commenced its operations in 1987 and is known for changing the face of the industry. It is also the 5th largest integrated (own-brand) manufacturer in the world.

Initial Challenges:

  • Lack of enhanced POS solutions integrated with enterprise CRM data
  • Lack of complete inventory control and visibility with real-time information
  • No database integration and automation


ETP V5 Omni-Channel Retail Solutions, including ETP Store as POS solutions, ETP Replication Store, ETP Enterprise Application Server (EAS), ETP Accelerator, ETP Supply Chain, ETP Reporter and ETP Integrator.


ETP’s POS software enabled ad hoc reporting across different group levels, reducing dependency on IT support staff. It automated data flow between stores and the head office, minimising billing time and improving customer service. The integrated CRM within the POS system allowed for customer profiling, delivering shopping experiences tailored to individual customers’ product, payment, and promotion preferences.

The POS solutions also enhanced demand management through intuitive features that considered customer buying behavior. It improved inventory, sales, and loyalty program management with real-time enterprise data. Additionally, the system supported adding employee and product KPIs, enabling target-oriented performance monitoring.

ETP’s retail POS software facilitated invoicing, advance order booking, and invoicing for better service to institutional customers. It managed franchise businesses with a single solution synced to different retail formats and ensured seamless integration with backend ERP for supply chain and merchandise management. The simple touch-screen user interface guaranteed faster scanning and billing, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Here’s what our customers have to say about their experience with us:

“We have about 1000+ stores right now running on ETP POS Solutions, and I like that they are willing to understand the customer recommendation in-depth and deliver the same to the customer, overcoming existing problems.”

— Retail IT Head, Leading producer & retailer of jewelry, watches & eyewear in India

The success stories of retailers leveraging ETP’s POS solutions highlight the transformative power of an integrated, intuitive, and customer-centric retail solution. From faster checkouts and real-time data synchronisation to delivering shopping experiences tailored to individual customers’ product, payment, and promotion preferences, ETP’s retail POS software has proven to be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re ready to elevate your retail operations and achieve similar success, explore what ETP’s POS software can do for you.

Contact us today at and start your journey toward a more efficient and profitable retail future.

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