Why is customer data and analytics beneficial for retail?



Technology has been an enabler for most businesses to achieve better outcomes. The retail business has witnessed tremendous disruptions across various aspects in terms of operations and processes, thanks to technology. Today, the retail sector is the best example of how a business can evolve and one of the major reasons for this has been the customers – they adopted technology, and with that, not only their purchasing behavior, but also different stages of their shopping journey evolved, leaving retail companies no choice but to follow suit.

Tech-savvy customers being the drivers of the retail evolution led to one of the biggest advantages for retailers – the ability to acquire customer data, and translating that data into powerful insights that enabled in better decision making. Listed below are some of the important and tangible benefits that customer analytics based decisions have:

Streamlining retail campaigns: Retailers can channelize their marketing efforts and optimize costs.

Having competitive pricing: Retail brands can price their products based on demand and customers’ expectations and market trends.

Enabling customization: Retail customers can be provided with a combination of features or service that satisfy their needs.

Reducing wastage: Retailers can manage their inventory better by proactively anticipating customer demands.

Facilitating faster delivery: Knowing local demands and trends will enable retailers to set-up the right supply chain management system to fulfill customer orders.

Fostering customer loyalty: Offering the products at the right prices enhances customer satisfaction and leading to loyal customers.

Increasing profitability: All the above factors will lead to higher profitability for the retail business overall.

In today’s retail scenario, the customer is key. Retailers can ensure increase in profitability and sustainability of their businesses by focusing on the customers, knowing and understanding their needs and fulfilling them as and when the customers’ desire.

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